Sydney’s Sayings: Senior reflection

Sydney Matthews, Online Editor

Dealing with the overwhelming and exciting problems of the last year of high school can come with many feelings. Senior year of high school comes with many memories you will remember after you walk across the stage. The final first day of is just like every year coming back, but it would just be your last time. Having to deal with new schedules, classes that could you probably didn’t ask for, trying to find out if you have classes with your friends, and worrying about if you got the teacher that gives you a lot of work that they probably aren’t going to grade.

 Starting your semester with college applications as well as preparing for ACT and SAT testing will give you a better chance of getting into your school of choice. Realizing you are months away from leaving your parents and a town you have known for years, and putting all of your high school memories behind you will be like starting a new chapter in life and also leaving your friends just to go to another school to make new ones.

The first day of school is very overwhelming for everyone especially if you are a senior. Make sure you have everything you need and the focus there to pass of your classes to graduate. The day we walk across the stage is going to the last day ever walking on the campus seeing everyone we have seen for the last four years. Knowing that we are months away from leaving high school and getting ready for our next stage in life.

The last year of high school is always fun looking forward to many activities we have like homecoming and pep rallys. During these events we have many activities that we get to participate suprising to find out who is going to win.

Spending money this year is expected, having to pay for fees, caps, gowns,  invitations,activities,and much more, but it is all worth it. Being able to call yourself a senior is a honor of lasting high school. These years are going to be remembered because, it is all worth the pressure and the businesses of wverything you have to

get done before we leave. This year will be unforgettable looking forward to the last day of school and all the good byes we will recieve.

The day is here the last final days of school and everything has finally came to an end everything so far has been amazing and excited . Seeing everyone, making new friends, getting closer to the ones that I have talled to over the last three years knowing that I’ll probably never talk to them again since in college you their will be new ones ro make that you will keep probably for the rest of

your life.I will miss high school.and I will never forget how much I have enjoyed everyone that I have met during the years.