Want your news on Wildcat Entertainment?


Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor




Hello Wildcats,

We would love to incorporate any news, announcements, sign ups, congratulations, signings, you may have! I have created a short google form found in itslearning for any teachers/sponsors to fill out to make a request. Some weeks may be busier than others and we will try our absolute best to make sure we add your announcement to our show. Coaches, please fill out this form when you know that one or more of your athletes will be signing.

Wildcat Entertainment airs an episode on the 1st and 3rd X3RD of every month, unless plans change. These videos will be played at the end of your 3rd period after the pledges and during X3RD.

***In order for my students to have enough time, please allow them at least 7-10 school days before the date you would like for it to air. I will not take any announcement requests by email, it is imperative you fill out the form.

Wildcat Entertainment cannot wait to highlight your students and your programs! Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to working with you.

Please go to the Wildcat Entertainment folder, located in itslearning, and click on the Announcements page to access the form.

***If you are wanting highlight video coverage of any special events/activities, contact me via email and we will see if we can make it happen.

Have a wonderful day!!

Harry So

Announcement link for WE