Friday Night Lights hero Chad Lindberg commits to UGA


Photo courtesy of Chad Lindberg

Chad Lindberg, number 78, leads the varsity Wildcats onto the field.

Mark Gidden, Sports Editor

Number 78, starting varsity tackle, senior Chad Lindberg, will body anybody in his path. By hitting opponents so hard, Lindberg has made a name for himself not just around Creek, but around the entire country. Being one of the top 15 players in the state, he has over 30 offers from Division I schools to play football. Lindberg has many accolades under his belt, such as playing in the Under Armour All-America game and the Polynesian Bowl.
Lindberg has performed tests football players usually go through, such as the forty-yard dash, shuttle run and vertical jump. Lindberg’s forty-yard dash was five point twenty-seven seconds and his shuttle were four-point-ninety-six seconds, and his vertical jump was 25.50 inches. These challenges were all done on February 25, 2018 so he has more than likely improved since then.
In his junior year, he earned first team All-District Honors and as a sophomore, he was first-team all-district selection. Lindberg was evaluated by Gabe Brooks on September 2, 2018. Brooks is from Midlands Region football as a recruiting analyst. Brooks said that Lindberg is a physical tackle who is flexible enough to play guard as well. Lindberg is also a top student academically. His SAT scores were higher than 1250, which is above average by far.
Lindberg made a decision about what school he will commit to out of the 36 offers he received. The college Lindberg will be attending the fall of 2020 is The University of Georgia. Media around League City were surprised by his decision because he had offers from colleges such as, The University of Alabama, The University of Clemson, University of Texas and the University of Texas A&M, which are major colleges for football, but he has a reason for committing to Georgia.
“The offensive line coach is easily the best in the nation, he does the best job with his guys and cares for them the most, and just campus wise, it’s somewhere I would want to be if I didn’t play football.” Lindberg said.
The game of football to Lindberg is not the only thing he wants for his future, especially since his academic level is so high.
“If I wasn’t a football player, I would probably try to make it big in the business industry,” Lindberg said.
With Lindberg’s intelligence, his future is very bright and he can excel and command many opportunities for his career.
“I think it’s pretty mutual between me and the team, I think we have a pretty good team with a good mentality this year, we have a lot of people that have been on Varsity for a while and this year it’s all coming together,” Lindberg said.
His teammates have been here as long as he has, just in different positions, but they come into the game with the same mindset, to get their business done.
“Coach David Morgan, he’s my position coach and also coaches me for shot put, but he’s coached me on the way I should lift, offensive line, and every sport I do,” Lindberg said.
Coach Morgan is the varsity lineman coach for Creek and works with Lindberg on his other sports such as sarsity shot put.
“I’ve been very blessed to be able to coach a kid like Chad, and to be honest may never again, but I hope not. Chad is a quiet, humble young man. You never hear him brag or tell anybody how good he is. I think he’s very shy until he gets to know you. Chad is the model student athlete. Chad is the only kid that I’ve ever coached that has never been late or missed a practice without giving us a reason ahead of time. I think the only practice he has missed was in spring when he was on an official visit. I know for a fact, Chad will be successful in life, whether it’s on the biggest stage in football, or in whatever career path he chooses,” Coach Morgan said.
The connection between Coach Morgan and Lindberg is very strong and for Coach Morgan to be there for Lindberg, with every sport he plays and in the classroom, that is something special, because coaches do not get kids all the time like Lindberg. He really is a great young man and coaches are looking forward to seeing all the things he will accomplish in the future, but will miss such an essential asset to the team.
“My parents make me do a lot in the classroom, taking hard classes and doing well, because they force school over football,” Lindberg said.
His first three years of high school, Lindberg was not allowed to have his phone after nine pm and that was every week day.
“He really is a special young man and am looking forward to see his future successes, but am in no hurry to see him leave Clear Creek High School. That starts with him coming from a great family that instills the values in Chad that make him very successful in the classroom as well as in athletics. Chad loves football, but I believe Chad takes academics, which he should, more important than football,” Coach Morgan said.
Lindberg’s last year of high school is this year, and nobody, especially Coach Morgan, is wanting to see him graduate and leave to go off to college. On May 30, 2020, graduation will come and Lindberg will be out in college, all the way in Georgia, away from the place where it all started, Clear Creek High School.