Scotty Sire What’s Going on tour

Lexin Cumby, Photographer

Scotty Sire started the What’s Going on tour back in July and recently traveled to the House of Blues in Houston. Through alternative pop, Sire illustrates today’s form of social anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that are involved in the youth culture.

Three artists opened for Sire, each lighting up the stage in their own unique ways. First up was Chris Bloom. Bloom expressed that he could not dance, then began the song ASAP. This song expresses that he does not dance often, but he encourages others to dance along with him.

Bruce Wiegner followed Bloom and out of the four, he had a more loud and reckless approach. One of the highlights from his performance was his new song Malicious. It involved more techno-ish vibes but was really well performed.

SonReal is a Canadian music creator, with hits such as Everywhere We Go, and Can I Get A Witness. The energy SonReal brings allows audience members to let loose and feel the music. A fan favorite was his song Repo Man.

After the three openers, Sire came out on stage and rocked the crowd with F.O.M.O. Sire began with his less popular songs and progressed to his most popular, covering Twenty-One Pilots and Five Seconds of Summer. A fan-favorite was Mister Glassman, a song about a boy who has social anxiety, which refers to his brother who has autism. Overall, Sire put on an enjoyable show and fans were happy with his performance.