K-pop group (G)I-DEL releases album centered around self confidence


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K-pop group (G)I-DEL, who recently released a new mini album

Leah Burnam , Assistant Editor-in-Chief

(G)I-DLE is a South Korean, all girl pop group who recently released a new EP titled I trust. The album consists of just five songs, including Oh my god, Luv U, Maybe, LION and Oh my god (English Version) and was released on April 6. The K-pop group has six members which include Jeon So-yeon, Seo Soo-jin, Song Yuqi, Minnie, Yeh Shu Hua and Cho Mi-yeon. They are signed under Cube Entertainment who has produced many other successful K-pop groups such as Pentagon, Apink, CLC and BtoB.

The first track, Oh my god, is about temptation and the dangers that come along with it, but also gaining global domination. The next song Luv U is characterized by its enticing ASMR sounds and clicks. Maybe leads perfectly into LION and is a blend of electro-pop. While LION is all about empowerment, Oh my god and LION are also the only two songs from their new mini album that have corresponding music videos, each gaining nearly 50 million views in just five days.

This up and coming girl group has only been around since 2018, but that has not stopped them from planning an upcoming world tour. (G)I-DLE was intended to already be on the first leg of their world tour beginning in April. However, due to recent events in regards to the coronavirus, they have had to put it on hold. In addition, I trust was supposed to be released a month prior but was delayed. In light of COVID-19, Cube Entertainment quickly issued a press statement to all of their social media accounts.

“After a thorough internal discussion, we unfortunately made this decision [to postpone the tour and mini album] due to unforeseen circumstances around the globe…To the fans who may have been looking forward to (G)I-DLE’s first world tour and new album we ask for your kind understanding. We hope to update you soon,” Cube Entertainment said.

Nevertheless, this K-pop group doubled down, while staying safe and released I trust, making fans ecstatic.

“We’ve been very excited about this album so we really wanted to put this out sooner rather than later and tried our best to stay healthy and safe…For those fans who are locked in their homes, we wish to give them a little something fun to enjoy throughout this album so we can overcome the situation,” So-yeon, in an interview with Forbes, said.

So-yeon, the group’s leader, wrote and co-produced all of the songs on (G)I-DLE’s new mini album. Forbes is calling her a “21-year-old pop prodigy.” With I trust, it is (G)I-DLE’s new goal to try and make it into the US market, much like BTS and Blackpink and Republic Records is here to help.

“We are excited to be teaming up with the multi-talented girl group (G)I-DLE as they make their highly anticipated debut into the U.S. marketplace. I trust launches the group stateside as we endeavor to accelerate their trajectory towards global stardom,” Avery Lipman, President, COO and Co-Founder of Republic Records, said.

Although fans are sad they could not see a full album from (G)I-DLE, they are still very much excited for what is to come and hopeful that their world tour will pick up again soon. Many of the members are also working on writing and co-producing their own songs for the group, much like So-yeon has recently been doing. In conclusion, (G)I-DLE appears to be very happy with their new album and the message that is displays, explaining that I trust is something totally incomparable.

“Once fans hear the album, they’ll definitely feel that. The single Oh my god is a song in a genre that no other K-pop girl group [has ever] tried – it’s very different. Also the name of the album, I trust, is about focusing and believing in yourself [and is] overall [an] album that talks about self-confidence,” So-yeon said.