Numerous National sports leagues cancel events


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2K Sports logo, the company responsible for the NBA2K tournament.

Mark Gidden, Sports Editor

The world of sports is going through changes in various ways, such as all sporting events like NBA basketball, NFL draft, NCAA March Madness and many other major sporting events being cancelled. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused numerous sporting events to be cancelled or postponed.

Most athletes are teenagers or young adults, so they most likely will not know if they have the virus until they are tested. There have already been pro athletes who have contracted the virus and survived, but with the virus rapidly spreading, athletes are more at risk to get the disease and give it to other players or loved ones. The first pro sports association who decided to cancel the season and championship run was the NBA. The basketball community was in shock to hear that there will be no 2020 NBA championship. After the NBA cancelled their season, other organizations followed and cancelled their events such as the NFL draft and the NCAA March Madness tournament. But this virus is not just affecting the pro championships and season, but even semi pro and high school championships and seasons are being cancelled. This just does not affect the athletes, it affects the coaching staff, production crew, TV stations and sports reporters from doing their job or even having a job.

On TV, the games and sporting events have a set time to be aired and are already put on the TV guide. This allows other shows to schedule their time to air before, after, or even during that sporting event on another channel or station. But now that they are cancelled, they are just “to be announced” on the channels where the sporting events were supposed to be broadcasted. The 2K Sports organization, which is a gaming company which plays sports games, such as NBA2K, came up with the idea to stream the NBA games that are supposed to be playing live, on NBA2K. NBA2K is a videogame where you can play with NBA teams from when the NBA first started, to the present, making it where you can play with your favorite team and players online or offline with tons of different game modes. The sports stations, such as CBS Sports and NBC Sports, are the ones streaming NBA2K games where the live games are supposed to be broadcasted. On April 2, the NBA and 2K Sports came up with another way to keep people entertained during this outbreak: a NBA2K tournament featuring 16 NBA players playing against each other. This event is also raising money for the COVID-19 relief efforts.