Disney releases famous recepies to spice up social distancing

Jessica McDermand, Photographer

Since COVID-19 has made its way throughout the world, many places have been forced to shut down in attempts to flatten the curve. Places like Disney parks have shut down in order to help maintain social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19. However, even though their parks are closed, Disney is still trying to bring magic into everyone’s home.

Recently, Disney added its newest movies and TV shows to Disney+ and other streaming services to act as a form of entertainment for people dealing with isolation due to social distancing. Disney+ is just one of the many streaming services releasing movies either straight to the streaming platform or cutting their movies’ theatre time short due to COVID-19 theatre closures. Recently released movies such as Frozen 2 and Onward have now been viewed by families and children worldwide, although it does not stop there. Shortly after, Disney also began to release recipes of food they carry in their theme parks.

Disney parks are known for a variety of different things, such as entertainment, rides and the seemingly magical foods they create. Since the parks have been closed, they decided to release their recipes to people all over the world can have a little taste of Disney at home. Some of the recipes shared by Disney include Churro Bites and Dole Whip. The recipes include easy to follow instructions and ingredients that anyone can make.

Many people all over Twitter and other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are sharing pictures of how the recipes turned out. A lot of people are enjoying these recipes and spending time with their family while doing so and especially since some schools have closed recently, it gives students who are stuck in a routine something to do that is fun and exciting. While also making many fans of Disney happy, these recipes that Disney has released also got many people talking and posting about how it reminds them of a time they went to a Disney park and how they cannot wait to return. Although the Disney parks are currently closed, the magic can continue through these recepies.

Disney announced these recipes on their various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and people are resharing it with hashtags such as #Disney, #Disneyparks and #DisneyRecipes. Some have even been inspired to start attempting to recreate other magical recipes from Disney parks. Fans of Disney have gotten creative in recreating Disney magic. These recipes that Disney released are being credited for sparking those imaginative or creative ideas as well.

One of the most popular recipes that Disney has released is the Disney Parks Churro Bites. The recipe calls for: one cup of water, eight tablespoons of butter, one-fourth teaspoon of salt, three-fourths of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one and one-fourth cup of all-purpose flour, three eggs, one and a half cups of vegetable oil or canola oil and half a cup of sugar. None of the recipes include hard to find ingredients and are ingredients most people already have at home. To find further instructions on how to make these recipes step by step one can search “Disney Recipes 2020” or go to an official Disney website or blog.

Disney released these recipes in an attempt to keep people, who are stuck in their homes or under social distancing requirements, entertained and connected with the rest of the world. This allows people to post their own creations and find a sense of community amongst these recipes. It allows people all over the world to connect and find common ground with one another during the COVID-19 virus.