Daily announcements for the week of 8/31

Daily announcements for the week of 8/31

Daily Announcements

Updates for the Week of 8/31/20

Wildcat Families,

Below are updates as we enter week two. Please review the included bell schedule. This is for all students. Due to teachers having to teach a combination of Clear Connections, School to Home, and Brick and Mortar, we must keep everyone on the same schedule. Please notice the later first period start time for Clear Connections and School to Home on Monday and Tuesday as we have activities planned to transition ninth grade brick and mortar students.

Bell Schedules for the Week of 8/31/20


We look forward to welcoming our ninth-grade brick and mortar students on Monday, August 31. Below are procedures, and what students can expect during the first week of ninth grade brick and mortar.

  1. Students should walk on the rightin the hallways, stairwells, tunnels, etc. at all times
  2. Students should walk to the rightupon entering a pod. Even if his/her class is the first on the left, the student needs to walk around the pod to the right (Counterclockwise).
    1. Signs have been hung in both English and Spanish at the entrance of each pod to remind students of the expectations.



Drop-Off/Pick-Up Locations

For car-riders, see map for drop-off and pick-up locations.Car Rider Map


Bus Riders

See link from CCISD website for route information.



Entering School/Masking Expectations

When students report to school, they will report to stations set-up at the entrances where staff members will ensure students have a mask. With the exception of breakfast and lunch, masks are to be worn at all times.  We have a limited number of masks we can issue students who arrive to school without one.


Alpha Homeroom

See attached. On the first and second day, students will report to an alpha homeroom. This is not listed on your child’s schedule but will be posted on the courtyard windows when students arrive to school. Students should find their name and report to the listed room location. There will be plenty of friendly adults to help students find their classes throughout the day. We have activities built -in the schedule to assist the Class of 2024 in their transition to high school, including video introductions and campus tours.



Due to water fountains being turned off, students are encouraged to bring bottled water.


Student Expectations for School to Home and Clear Connections
See attached for district-wide expectations for School to Home and Clear Connections learning. Students Expectations for Virtual Learning
Technology Support
See link for technology updates including required software updates, tech support and repairs, and insurance information.
For students taking the following advanced placement courses, a textbook distribution plan will be communicated by your teacher during the week of August 24: AP U.S. History, AP World History, AP Biology, and AP Psychology.

For all other classes, we will be using online textbooks through the single sign on portal. Questions concerning textbooks can be directed to Sara Langley at [email protected]