Geocaching brings together League City community


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Cache hidden in a tree trunk. Geocaching in League City.

Pablo Anton, Reporter

In August, an innovative project was created in League City as a new way to connect people with the stunning places that our city has. In collaboration with Geocaching, an app that has been increasing in popularity over the last few years, the League City Convention and Visitors Bureau decided to create a tour of hidden treasures around the city.

“Primarily this is for tourism promotion and to generate awareness of local attractions in League City. I’m hoping this new tour provides residents and visitors from the Houston metro region and beyond with a family-friendly activity that can be done safely. We are providing a new and safe experience for people who are eager to get out of the house, while introducing them to some of League City’s hidden gems. It’s a really fun tour, and we know families and individuals of all ages are going to love it.” Stephanie Polk, Manager of the League City Convention and Visitors Bureau, said.

This activity may sound difficult to understand to some people seeing as little treasures are hidden around a city and everyone is told where they are, so the treasures cease to be “hidden” anymore. The first thing to have in mind is that the idea of geocaching goes through the kindness of people. When one of the treasures is found, it should be left in the same place so the next person can have the opportunity to find it as well. The respect for the treasures and the location is the first rule of the game.

Moreover, Geocaching is accessible for all people within the city. As Polk said, the GeoTour is something fun that appeals to an audience of all ages and interests.

“This past spring, the Communications Department and I were planning a brainstorming session and the idea came up then. COVID restrictions have forced a lot of events and programs to be canceled, and people are looking for things to do. Geotours are a great tool that allows people to get outside and safely explore the area,” Polk said.

As she said, the GeoTour is an activity that someone can do while social distancing from other people and allows one to be outside all the time, which is good to prevent contagious people from being near each other.

“My co-worker, Ashley Jackson spearheaded this project and did all legwork involved. She gets the credit due to taking this from an idea to a reality. There’s a ton of planning involved with selecting locations, submitting them to for approval and then ordering and actually hiding the caches,” Polk said.

While some people may think that this is a boring activity, it is a treasure hunt, so it’s a fun way to explore some of the interesting things in League City. One can social-distance and be outside, it’s safe and allows people to enjoy some nature therapy. Polk also mentioned that the activity is totally free, so it is not necessary to pay anything.

It is totally true that this game allows people to enjoy nature, discover places and have fun without paying anything. In the interview, Polk discussed if the Convention and Visitors Bureau are planning to develop other innovative projects such as this one in the near future.

While talking about the future projects that the League City community can see, Polk said that they are planning a lot of new things that will be launching sometime in November. Their new website ( went live earlier this year and using this tool people can search for all of these local projects.

League City’s GeoTour is a new opportunity for the community to discover amazing places in the city and to enjoy a fun day with a different plan. This new activity is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the city and the locals and to have fun at the same time. Time for many people to go outside and enjoy a geocaching game. The treasures are waiting!