Annual golf extravaganza continues despite the pandemic


Creek Golf

Creek Golf at their annual golf extravaganza fundraiser in 2019, set to resume 2020

Jordan Johnson, Reporter

Creek golf throws an “extravaganza” in the form of a golf tournament every year to help raise money for their teams. This helps them acquire good equipment and uniforms such as shirts, hats, shoes, windbreakers and golf bags, for the remainder of the school year, which later help them represent Creek to the best of their abilities.

They usually offer a meal to everyone who participates in the event while also holding a silent auction. However, this year things will be a bit different due to Covid-19 which has caused drastic changes to their annual event.

The extravaganza is typically held at South Shore Harbor Golf Club. Despite the pandemic, the golf coaches have decided to keep the fundraiser going as it is one of the only ways they can pay for their uniforms and materials needed for the team to succeed throughout much of the golf season. 

Auctions and food will not be happening this year, instead the people who are present at the tournament will be receiving gift bags with snacks in them once they register. Last year, the tournament attendance was almost 150 people, but this year the attendance will more than likely be less than half of that. Since the attendance will be quite less than last year, the fundraiser will raise less money, possibly that the golf team will have to implement a second fundraiser later in the year to make up the difference in money loss. 

The coaches were both asked what made them and the team decide to continue with the tournament despite Covid-19.

“Golf is one of the best sports you can play during this pandemic since it is outdoors and you have natural social distancing when you are out on the golf course. We also need to have some sort of fundraiser to help support our boys and girls golf teams and what better way to support a golf team (play golf to support golf),” Coach Brown, the boy’s golf coach, said.

Coach Brown’s favorite part of the golf tournament is having people play the scramble because anyone can play and can have fun because it is a no pressure type of format for the tournament and everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves! However, Coach Williamson’s, the girl’s coach, favorite part is having the families come together and have fun. 

The event is set to take place on Sunday, November first, 2020 at 12 P.M. While registration begins at 10:30 a.m. The activities include: Wildcat Short Game Challenge with an opportunity to win a Wildcat Golf Bag; Long Drive Contest which awards the person with the longest drive in the field and the Closest to the Pin Contest which awards the player who hits the ball closest to the pin on a par three. 

There are also golf sponsorships. They are an all paid entry which includes the chance to play a round of golf at the tournament, get a golf cart, a goodie bag and a free round at South Shore Harbor Golf Club. There are eight sponsorships to choose from: The Mighty Wildcat, which costs $1,000 and includes four playing spots, a player goodie bag, a gold hole sponsorship and a large sponsor recognition on a banner; Willy Wildcat, which costs $800 and includes four playing spots, a player goodie bag, a silver hole sponsorship and a sponsor recognition on a banner; Wildcat Cub, which costs $650 and includes four playing spots, a player goodie bag, a bronze hole sponsorship and a sponsor recognition on a banner; Team Entry, which costs $500 and includes four playing spots, a golf cart and a player goodie bag; Single Entry which costs $125 and includes one playing spot, a golf cart and a player goodie bag; Promotion Tent which costs $350 and allows attendees to bring their own tent and set it up on a hole to help promote their business or product; Hole Sponsorship lets people promote their business by having signage on one of the holes. The prices for hole sponsorships include: $500 – Gold Sponsor (sign displayed on putting green), $300 – Silver Sponsor (sign displayed on tee-box) and a $150 – Bronze Sponsor (sign displayed on cart path), $100 – Wildcat Pride Family & Friend Sponsor (non-business sponsor). Also families and friends can make sure to sign a special note to the Wildcat golfer of their choice. The last option includes Range/Putting Green/Registration/Scoring Sponsor which is $700 and allows owners to choose a location to promote their business with a banner and lastly, Boys or Girls sponsor (complete with signage).