The Last of Us video game saga concludes with The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II releases across the United State.

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The Last of Us Part II releases across the United State.

Chloe Tankink, Photo Editor


The Last of Us is a 2013 action-adventure game that was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first game is set during a zombie apocalypse, which they call “infected” and many other names that are named by the different infected. The players control Joel Miller, a smuggler who also smuggled a 14-year-old, Ellie, out of the inside of a wall in which Miller is currently located. Although she is infected by the bite, Ellie is immune to them as the fungus from the infected does not spread in her body. Miller’s mission is to bring Ellie to the Fireflies, a group of people who are trying their hardest to find the cure, but they are not the good guys. In order to get the cure from Ellie, the Fireflies would have to kill her instead of taking a test to make sure there are no other ways to cure the virus. Nearing the end of The Last of Us, Ellie explains to Miller about her past. Both her and her friend Riley were bitten together and Riley told Ellie, “We can wait it out, go crazy together.

“The gameplay is very average in today’s modern gaming generation. There are more cut scenes and walking than actual gameplay. SPOILER ALERT…they destroyed all of your favorite characters. They dumb down Joels’ character on purpose to make him weak and stupid. In the first game he was very smart and had a ton of experience. He didn’t even trust a guy that was sick on the road.” Em Ah, a fan of the game, said. Miller is a beloved character among The Last of Us, but as they explained in the second game, in order to save Ellie, Miller had to kill the doctors that were going to experiment on her. To that cause, the effect of Miller killing the doctors resulted in a new character, Abby, who hunts down Miller with her crew to get revenge for him killing her father, who was one of the doctors with Ellie. During the first game, Miller had taught himself not to trust others, so he was always cautious of what or who was around him. When a man was faking an injury to ambush Miller and Ellie, he knew that something was wrong and tried to cut through to avoid him, however, it did not work out for them but he was always on his feet and ready for something bad. In this game, he is easily trusting and it was as if all of the things he used to be in the first game completely vanished and he became a totally different character. Players are only allowed to use Miller for a little bit at the beginning of the game and it left players wondering why he played such a small role in the game. Abby finally gets her revenge on Miller and just as Ellie is trying to stop it from happening, she witnessed the terrible things that happen to Miller.

Since Naughty Dog has come out with The Last of Us Part: 2, it has been named more gruesome and more graphic than the first, The Last of Us. The newest game consists of more gore, suggestive scenes and foul language. The Last of Us Part: 2 is only allowing ages 16 and older to play the game, but players have to be over 17 in order to buy the game and an ID will be asked at the time of purchase.

“The story is told through several lenses, giving you perspective on how various characters felt, the impact of past decisions on a larger scale and allows you to see firsthand what the people have gone through in The Last of Us. I absolutely loved the game, and while some decisions were hard to come to terms with, I think Naughty Dog did a stellar job and I loved going in completely different directions than [what] I would’ve guessed.” TJ Riddle said.

The Last of Us Part:2 is divided into 11 acts throughout the game, consisting of 45 total chapters. Its gameplay takes longer than 25-30 hours to finish, different from their first game, The Last of Us, which only takes about 15-20 hours to play. In Naughty Dog’s first series of The Last of Us, the attention to detail on the backgrounds, character movements, speech during the gameplay and sounds, created beautiful scenery. However, since it was a 2013 game there were still limitations on how far they could go with their attention to detail.

With their newest game, they have more advanced technology, which they use for better character movement in order to make the characters seem more life-like and their movements more genuine. More than 350 people have worked on The Last of Us Part:2 for several years and with all of the help they have gotten from their newest crew, the detail of character models and background scenery has never been more attentive.