Basketball fans find normalcy in a time without, as basketball returns with a big Lakers win


Joakim Honkasalo

Los Angeles Lakers win NBA finals, after Covid-19 postpones season, making it the longest playoff season ever

Pablo Anton, Reporter

This year has been totally unexpected in a variety of different ways. After nine months of COVID-19, 2020 has brought a lot of changes. But the National Basketball Association has continued to remain. In October, 30 teams grabbed the “ball” and began playing as if it were any other normal day. And thus, a brand-new season began, with many teams expecting to succeed and even receive a title at the end of the finals. However, many teams were not expecting a pandemic to hit, nor did they expect the issues that would arise from it within the coming months.

Beginning in March when the uncertainty of the coronavirus, players did not know if it would be safe enough to continue the season, especially as cases rose rapidly. Many teams were not ready to give up because of COVID-19, but the NBA appeared to get closer and closer to the idea of cancelling the season.

A decision was finally made on March 11; the NBA made a statement saying that all games would have to be placed on hold until COVID-19 was no longer a dramatic issue. Most players understood that this was the correct decision made by the NBA, but at the same time many were saddened to see an end to the 2020 basketball season.

Although the decision seemed more than final, to the surprise of many, the NBA announced a few months later that they expected to resume games on July 30. Limited seats and the amount of people able to attend the games have been kept to a minimum in order to guarantee the safety of others and a quick return to the NBA season.

Many were shocked and multiple news outlets were covering the concern of resuming the basketball season after just five months. COVID-19 cases continue to remain high and for months many have been upset regarding the decision made by the NBA to continue the season even when thousands are dying. Discomfort with this decision made up a large proportion of the general public interested in the NBA season and COVID-19 safety precautions. People argued that the money that is normally spent during the sporting season should now be used to save lives, to help those out of a job and to make overall a social improvement. However, this made no impact on the final decision of the NBA and the season continued as expected with the playoffs beginning on August 17.

But just a few days later, the Black Lives Matter movement and protests strengthened in the United States. The BLM movement took hold of the NBA and many of their biggest athletes, who have been taking part in the protests and support of the movement. Multiple teams also decided to stand up and go on strike in order to initiate and demand for change. The Milwaukee Bucks were one of many who did not play in protest for black American individuals such as Jacob Blake, who was shot and injured by Wisconsin police officer, Rusten Sheskey. Another five teams continued to them in this revindication. After much of the NBA went on strike, other major leagues decided to join them such as Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and multiple other professional leagues who put a stop to their season.

On August 29, the season resumed again with just a few teams leading and who had the chance to win a grand title. The Bucks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers were just a few of them. Although Miami Heat was not on the list, they still managed to win a position in the NBA finals this year. In front of them however, was a team that continues to have a big reputation, the Lakers. With 16 championships in their pocket, the Lakers were a number one favorite for many who wish to seem them win. It seemed as though Miami Heat was not going to let them win so easily as they had already defeated two big teams in the last two playoffs, the Boston Celtics and the Bucks.

The finals started with two big wins of the Lakers. In the third game, Miami Heat showed their potential and defeated Lakers by eleven points. A really tied forth game gave lakers a really good chance to close the finals in the fifth one. Miami Heat did not give up, and they achieve the second victory just by three points. Although it seemed that the seventh game was a real possibility in that moment, Lakers made a good sixth game and ended the finals.

The Lakers, with big name star LeBron James, finally beat Miami Heat and won the longest season in NBA history. One year and one pandemic later, the NBA season ends and the title will stay in California.