Creek Cadettes prepare for exciting new season

Carolina Sarria, News Editor

The new fall season for the Creek Cadettes Performance Ensemble has officially kicked off. The Cadettes, who perform alongside the CCHS marching band, have been working on their flagwork technique in preparation for the performances that they will give this season.

The whole band, which is made up of 150 students, works over the summer during a three-day kick off camp in June as well as daily rehearsals throughout the entire month of August. They prepare a halftime show that is showcased at every CCHS football game of the season, both home and away.

Ms. Katherine Allin established the Cadettes program two years ago at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Ms. Allin was the head director during her time here at Creek, and she also taught English 1. Ms. Allin left the program as well as Creek at the start of summer band. This year, the head director is Ms. Erica Diegelman, who is the American Sign Language teacher for all grade levels. Ms. Diegelman held the position of assistant director for the Cadettes for the 2013-2014 school year.

“As the new Cadette director, my mindset for this year is to improve the fluidity of performance and raise campus knowledge of the Cadette team, which is not a dance team or color guard but both,” Ms. Diegelman said.

Ms. Ogechi Ukazu, the band director, and Mr. Daniel Cuevas, the assistant band director, both assist with the Cadettes program. Mr. Cuevas teaches the 7th period Cadette class, where the team practices flag and dance technique as well as drill for the marching season.

The 2014-2015 marching show is an eight-minute long production comprised of three movements. The production is titled Both Sides Now. The show’s theme is a musically driven show concept.

“This year’s show compared to last year’s show, Jacob’s Ladder, is different because the field is physically taken up from end zone to end zone with props, Cadettes, and band members,” Ms. Diegelman said. “It’s visually stimulating because of this formation.”

When asked what his mindset was for this marching season, Mr. Cuevas stated he wanted to be unique and innovative.

“My hope for the band as a whole is to present a unique, creative and interesting production that people will enjoy watching,” he said.

In addition to performing at halftime, the band and Cadettes cheer on the Wildcat team by performing stand tunes and stand dances, respectively. These stand performances include the Fight Song, Championship, Wade in the Water, The Horse, Moves Like Jagger, Dynamite and Seven Nation Army.

The Cadettes themselves are looking forward to this promising season and hope they will continue to grow as teammates.

“The biggest difference between this year and last year is that last year I was just starting out as a freshman. I was very different, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” Sidney Velasquez, 10, said. “I had done dance for many years, but not with the amazing team I have now. This year, I feel we are just making more progress on our dance technique and making more memories. We have a wonderful and hard working group of girls and amazing teachers to make this year even better than the last.”