Band prepares new halftime show Both Sides Now

Emily Ruthven, Around Creek Editor

Every year the Creek Band embarks out onto the hot pavement at the end of July and learns the basics of marching. However this year the Band took a new approach to marching fundamentals. Directors Ogechi Ukazu and Daniel Cuevas welcomed Joe Falcon into the program as their marching specialist.

This year’s marching show is called “Both Sides Now” and features spinning cylinders that change colors. The show is also titled “Both Sides Now” due to the fact that the band recently received new uniforms. These new outfits sport black, white, grey and a removable swatch that is purple in color. One sleeve is black and the other is white. This way, when the students switch directions or turn around in the show, the audience will notice a stunning change in color. The band also has received new gloves and gauntlets to match their new uniform. These new uniforms are “form-fitting” and “sleek”, according to sophomore Hannah Kapfer.

Some students believe that the new uniforms will allow the band to be more unique than other marching bands across Texas.

“I think that because they look really modern, the new uniforms will help us stand out from other bands,” Junior, Geoffrey Walker, said.

The band’s first performance of “Both Sides Now” occurred in the Veterans’ Memorial Stadium on Friday, August 29. The first performance of the year is always one to remember. It gives freshmen the chance to fully experience the essence of an adrenaline packed show, while also giving some of the returning members the chance to see where they are fundamentally. The first performance also gives the directors the chance to map out what the band is solid on and also what the band needs to spend more time on.

“This year was a completely different experience for me because I felt the most prepared I ever have for a first game,” Junior, Robert Gonzales said. First games are always exciting not only because of the first half time show, but also because it is the first time the freshmen get to experience the band section in the stands. Freshmen learn dances such as “Wade in the Water” and “Low Rider”, along with little traditions that each section has.

“Football games are always a blast because everyone is so excited and pumped for football and stand-tunes. I love the high energy atmosphere and spending times with my friends,” Walker said.

Despite the energetic games, the students have had to adapt to many changes this year. However they have embraced them throughout the season.

“I think the marching change is one that will help us in the long run,” Kapfer said. The band will compete in many marching competitions this year; some of them include, Bands of America, The Lone Star Competition, UIL and many others.

Many band members view this season’s show as the most technically difficult one yet.

“ ‘Both Sides Now’ is a large step from last year’s show, and we are definitely performing at a higher level than we ever had,” Gonzales said. The band will have to push themselves to the limits to master this show. Many students in the band program are encouraged to set goals.

“I really hope to be better than I was last year and prepare for an even better senior year,” Walker said.

To have a successful marching, all members of the band must input incredible amount of effort. This is true for director, Daniel Cuevas, who has created this year’s show from scratch, as he did last year

“Mr.Cuevas has put so much effort into this show. I know this year is going to be absolutely amazing.” Kapfer said.