What makes you proud to be a Wildcat? Feb/March 2015

“My wrestling team.” -Emma H.

“During football season, wildcats are incredibly faithful to our team!! We have fantastic spirit.” – Taylor D.

“The history that our school has held” -Jessica R.

“The opportunities this amazing school gives me for my future.” -Maddie C.

“I get to scream “what team?” any time I want and I’ll always get the response of “wildcats!” and I love them.” -Kaitlyn G.

“I like how encouraging the teachers are about our future education and lives, and how to be successful!” -Erin M.

“The fact that we have a Pals & have sustained a good program this year.” -Gwenna L.

“The brotherhood that cames with being on a team here.” -Patrick U.

“Being able to graduate where my sister & cousins graduated from. its a family tradition.” – Fatima O.

“Being in a well educated environment.” -Brionna L.

“Creek is family and i love that I’m going to a school where my grandpa and parents and siblings have gone.” -Alissa J.

“Because we’re better than Lake” -Alexis G.

“To be able to work with NASA.” -Tyler P.

“My diploma, I’ll forever have wildcat on my diploma.” -Destiny V.

“We all act and unite as a family.” -Dominique A.

“There is no clicks, you’re cool with whoever you’re cool with.” -Chris S.

“I am proud to be wildcat because there is a certain sense of accomplishment saying you play Clear Creek Baseball.” -Alec L.

“Our success & friendship.” -Angel R.

“The great teachers, kids, and atmosphere. Its very upbeat!” -Michael R.

“Knowing I dont have to go to any of the other CCISD schools.” -Avery S.

“The soccer team is what I live for.” -Copper W.

“Our Academic level, sports, good people.” -Aron S.