Improv show gives laughs with unexpected moves

Mariya Vashchenko , Reporter

 It  started with a powerful wave of positive energy, and it finished with uncontrollable laughter. The third annual Prop Show united talented improvisers and the audience at the Creek’s auditorium on February 21.

The Prop show is an improvisers’ performance, which is never planned. It has a similar format to the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

“It was not planned at all. Actually, we don’t even know what games we are gonna be playing, so I like on the spot stuff, because it’s a lot of fun, because you don’t know what’s gonna come out, and you don’t know how it’s gonna turn out, but you just have pretty much the best experience you can,” Christian Campbell said.

Two hosts introduced the players and announced the games.

“I had to be in charge of explaining the games and making sure, the players didn’t get confused, and explaining to the audience whatever the game was, just to kind of keep the flow of the whole show,” a host London Strickland said.

Instead of a typical introduction, excited actors ran and jumped on the stage, ready to improvise and impress the public with funny jokes.

Pictures in frames, wigs, different types of clothes, hats and even sea equipment are just only several things from the endless list of props the players could possibly choose. However, each player, who was about to perform, had only several seconds to pick up things to play with.

“The props make it more difficult, because you have to know how to use props correctly in scenes, and it just adds another layer of complicatedness,”  improviser Jackson Majewski said.

Due to props, actors made their appearance special and funny.

“It’s like a double-edged sword, it helps you to make things funny, but then it’s also a little more difficult, because you only have if you grab a prop, you have a certain problem, you only have that much to work with, besides your imagination,” Hannah Burwell said.

After knowing the game and picking up props, the players started to improvise. Although, the show was not planned, it was hard to imagine how all those funny jokes could be created right on the spot. The cooperation of players impressed the public.

“Probably, the most important thing is trust, because you have to trust your improvisers, if you mess up, they have to catch you, you have to trust them to help move the scene along and you have to trust that they gonna not deny what you’re doing,” player  Hannah Burwell said.

There were several games in the show. Sometimes, players could not use their hands, some players were limited in using the lines they could say, and some actors needed to perform the same scene several times, but just in several seconds.

“My favorite overall game is called ‘Actor’s Nightmare’. It’s where one actor has a script and the other two don’t. They basically control the scene, but the one actor has to read lines from the script. That’s my favorite,” Christian Campbell said.

The most exciting game of the show was Helping Hands.

“I love those games, just because the person behind can’t see the hands can’t see anything and it’ s so random, it’s so much fun and it’s really great to look at,” Hannah Burwell said.

However, the last performance was a delicious dessert of the program. Cooking a pie became hilarious entertainment.

“It was the last game we played, it was fun, because it was messy and exciting, and I got to eat strawberries and had berries in my hair and stuff,” Jackson Majewski said.

Jackson Majewski could not use his hands because Christian Campbell was in charge of playing that part, and Kaitlyn Gothreaux was the host of that game. All the ingredients were poured on Jackson. However, actors decided to be generous and shared chocolate, on the surprised host of their game.

“Well, at first I was wondering, is this gonna be pretty messy, and then Kaitlyn Gothreaux told me to spit on Christian’s hands. So, that’s when I knew, there is no limit. I am just gonna let it all happen,” Jackson Majewski said.

Excited actors shared their impressions after the show.

“I enjoyed the show a lot, because improvising is one of my favorite things to do and those people are my closest friends so getting out there and performing with them is always fun,” Brain Hughes said.

The hosts enjoyed the show, as well.

“It’s a lot fun; you get really excited after the show, cause all the energy you’ve been keeping in, and putting on on stage. The audience feedbacks the energy to you. So it’s a lot of fun,”  host Sierra Boudreaux said.

Stands-up players had their own performances in the show.

“Yes, I did like the show. Why? Because it was mainly my friends on stage. I liked seing them act, and then also I did stand-up in the middle during intermission and that was a really fun too,” Eldho Abraham said.

Although the games were so different, there was something special which united all the players.

“The whole point of Improv isn’t to make yourself to look good, it’s make others to look good, because if everybody does that, it’s a chain reaction, so that’s what makes it work really well,” Hannah Burwell said.

Improv show made the audience happy. Loud round of applauses and laughter proved the success of players’ efforts, definitely worth watching.