Girl’s track succeeds in second meet


Photo by Kelsie Sullivan

Troylon Griffin II, Sports Editor

The Creek girls varsity track team competed on February 20 at Pearland High School. This was the second meet of the season and the team placed in several events, including second in sprint medley, two mile and triple jump, and third in discus and high jump.

During the spring medley, four of the team’s runners ran in a relay, passing the baton to the other. Jessica Ransom ran the first leg, for 200 meters, Audrina Stephensen ran 200 meters, Isaly Carney ran for 400 meters and Bayliy Jones ran 800 meters, ultimately giving the team second place. This was the second consecutive time the team had gotten second in the event.

“We ran hard and gave our one hundred percent,” Ransom said. Ransom also achieved second place in her four by two hundred event.

In the four by two hundred event, Audrina Stephensen, Bayliy Jones and Keondra White also participated, each running 200 meters.

“I was really proud of our sprint medley team,” Ransom said.

Keondra White participated in the  four by two, one hundred hurdles and high jump. She got third in the high jump, first in one of the heats of one hundred hurdles and second in the first heat of the four by two.

“It was my first varsity meet so I think I did okay for the first one.” White said. “[My team] kept me up because I was nervous to run.”

Isaly Carney, got second in both her events, sprint medley and triple jump.

“It was really cold and it was raining when I ran so I was trying to stay loose to run my event,” Carney said. “I honestly think I did okay because at the end I felt tired and dehydrated, but overall I still feel I did well. In triple jump I jumped a thirty-five eighteen [but] at Katy I jumped a thrity-six five. In triple jump I feel I could’ve done better.”

With only seven team members, the team was able to have much success.

“With the numbers we had, we did really well,” Track Coach Zachariah Zepeda said. “Unfortunately by the end of the meet we ran into a few injuries so we couldn’t do our last events.”

Ransom felt that overall her team did very well.

“I think whenever it comes to district, we will be a force to be reckoned with,” Ransom said.

Coach Zepeda and the track runners explained their goal for this season.

“The main goal is to get to district,” Coach Zepeda said. “We’ve [got to] get better every week so we’re at our peak by district. Track season is long so you must practice. Our quote this year is all it takes is all you got and it applies greatly to our meets. Track is thought of as an individual sport when really it’s a team sport. You only get out of something what you put into it.”

Islay Carney told of her personal goal for the season.

“In the open four hundred, I need to run a fifty-six to keep these offers I’m getting from colleges,” Carney said.

The team practices every day after school whenever the weather is right, with Coach Zepeda training his runners the best he can and impacting them every step along the way.

“The biggest thing I want to teach them is with hard work, discipline and training, you can achieve success and hopefully with that success it can carry into life,” Coach Zepeda said.

With the district meet coming on April on the 15, the team working to hard to get the results that they want.