Creek varsity baseball has success in tournament


Photo by Jasmine Garza

Troylon Griffin II, Sports Editor

The Creek varsity baseball team competed in a six game tournament over the course of Thursday February 26 to Saturday 28. The tournament took place at Kingwood High School with, Cypress Falls, Baytown Sterling, Porter, Kingwood, Flowermount and Atascocita participating. Ultimately, Creek ended up beating three schools and losing to three. Creek gained victories against Cypress Falls, with a score of eight to zero, Baytown Sterling, with a score of eight to zero and Porter High School with a score of five to zero.

“We played well at times, we played bad at times,” Coach Kunefke said. “We beat the teams we were supposed to beat but didn’t play well against the good teams.”

The tournament had many highlights. At Atascocita the team scored four consecutive homeruns and against Cypress Falls, two consecutive homeruns were made.

Pitcher Aron Solis, 12, was one of the many pitchers of the tournament who was able to help the team in their success. Solis succeeded in getting six shutout innings.

“We went three and three,” Solis said. “I don’t think we performed how we should have but we showed flashes of how potentially good we can be.”

Michael Rohland, 12, was one with many highlights as well.

“I   made a diving play first game and at the last game I threw a guy out,” Rohland said.

Rohland spoke positively of his teammates, telling of how Sean McClean, during the Kingwood match, pitched and gained four innings against their opponent.

“He [also] got two runs and one hit,” Rohland said, referring to how McClean managed to make his teammate get to first base and get two points.

Rohland also brought up achievements made by freshman Garrett Poston. Poston pitched against Porter High School and pitched a shutout.

“We had a pretty solid defense too,” Jordan Brown, 12, said.

However, the team members expressed an overall dissatisfaction with the way things turned out. Most of the dissatisfaction was expressed at themselves and the way they played.

“We pitched well, played okay defense, [but] struggled offensively,” Coach Kunefke said.

Both the coach and the players told of how they enjoyed victory against the teams they beat but were not satisfied with the fact that they lost against schools they intended to beat.

“We played very well against teams we’re supposed to beat but we played very poorly against teams we’re supposed to be competitive with,” McClean said.

Both McClean and Rohland told of how Kingwood, Flower Mound, and Atascocita were schools that were important to win against for a variety of reasons.

“It’s always a good game against Kingwood, usually a close game,” Michael Rohland said, referring to how Kingwood beat Creek three to two. “Flower Mound won the state championship and Atascocita has probably one of the best pitching staff, but I still believe we should have beat them.”

Nevertheless, despite the score, the team is practicing even harder and working hard to prepare for their next games.

“It just made us want to work harder, especially myself,” Jordan Brown said.

The tournament was their first and the team has an entire season to continue to do well.

“We had opportunities to win but we didn’t take advantage of them. But it was the first tournament,” Brown said. “We just got to try and work the kinks out, get all the bad things out so when district comes we’ll be pretty solid.”

Aron Solis expressed how he felt his team is going to make adjustments for the better and they are going to play how they should and both the team members and coaches expressed that they will continue to work hard and go to district.

“I’m pretty confident that by the time district comes around, we’ll be pretty solid offensively and defensively to give us a chance to win another district championship,” Rohland said.

As the team does every year, the Creek baseball team will make their way to the top and if not, continue to do what they enjoy.

“The goal is to just play good baseball, and obviously we’re trying to win as many games as we can,” Coach Kunefke said. “Winning’s a big deal.”