Jasmine’s Journal: A lesson to learn


Jasmine Garza, Editor-in-Chief

As my high school career comes to an end, there is no doubt that the teachers who I have had throughout the years have molded me into the person I am today.

Beginning school when I was four years old has really allowed me to have a different perspective on the way I see things. It is crazy to think about all the time that has been spent at school with teachers who ended up becoming parental figures when I was not at home.

The memories that stick with you throughout the years become stories you will never forget. Thinking back on elementary and junior high years all the way until now, you start to realize why you were taught certain things when you were younger. Things such as “treat others the way you want to be treated”; “sharing is caring” and “push yourself to finish things even when you feel like giving up”.

It is hard to realize in the moment why we are told to do certain things, but as a high school senior counting down the days until graduation, I can say I am truly thankful for those teachers who have always pushed me to be the best person I can be.

Looking back to my very first class when I was four years old. I remembered being so excited to go to school and see my friends. It was the first part of growing up and I knew it. It is sad to see that many of the people who I started school are no longer the person they use to be. People change it is inevitable, but when the change is not happening for the best it becomes disappointing. To know that the main goal for many teachers is to see their students succeed but where unable to influence them the way they influenced me is rough.

It does take an effort other than your own to succeed. Parents to encourage you to respect your elders, to try your hardest, but ultimately a voice that will tell you, you are important no matter what grade you get on something.

The power teachers have to influence a student is large. Some teachers do not realize the effect they have on students whether it be in a positive way or negative.  Some intentionally take the effort to influence students and some do it with out knowing.

High school has definitely brought be to know some of the best teachers I have ever had. Some I actually had as teachers and some I did not. I could probably pick out specific moments from each one of my teachers that have taught me something meaningful, but overall, my teachers have taught me the same ideas of respect, helping others who can not help themselves, creating a life for yourself that will help you prosper in all ways possible and to be wealthy you do not need money.

College will create a new chapter for me, one where I will not necessarily have those teachers to encourage me but rather to inform me.  The end of the year has made me thankful for every person who has stayed with me since the beginning and those who merely just passed through.