Orchestra earns sweepstakes at UIL

Alyssa Lobue, Reporter

The UIL event for Clear Creek Independent School District Orchestra took place over the dates of March 27, April 7, and April 8. All classes of Orchestra had to wear uniforms for the event. The girls wore long black dresses and the boys wore tuxes and cummerbunds.  Chamber One performed on the first date and made sweepstakes, Symphony performed April 7, and on April 8, Chamber Two performed and made another sweepstakes. Chamber One and Chamber Two were both awarded a trophy.

“This was the first time for years that Clear Creek’s varsity orchestra received sweepstakes!” said Justice Alhmoud.

Chamber One was the varsity group for Clear Creek High School. They performed Jubilant Overture by J. Reznicow, Sacred Dances for Harp by C. Debussy, and Concerto in D major by G. Telemann.

“We were all a little nervous, but our class still strode up with confidence and did the best we could. Though a few mistakes were made along the way, we got back on track and continued to play. We were all extremely ecstatic when we learned we got sweepstakes and we intend to work even harder for the next year,” Joseph Studer, ninth, said.

Chamber Two was the non-varsity group for Clear Creek. They performed at Clear Lake High School and were led onstage by students of Lake after warming up. They performed a total of three songs, Turning Point by Robert Longfield, Over The Sea To Sky by Carrie Lane Gruselle, and Carpe Diem! by Richard Meyer. After being rated by the three categories of dynamics, intonation, and the overall professional appearance of the group, the scores were decided as sweepstakes.

“Every member of Chamber Two worked really hard to achieve the scores we got. I had a lot of fun and am very proud of everyone who participated. We were a great team!” Peyton Anderson, ninth, said.

Symphony was the sub non-varsity. They also performed at Clear Lake High School and made superior and excellent ratings. The songs played were Theme From Jupiter by The Planets, Conquistador by Deborah Baker Monday and Russian Sailor Dance by Reinhold Gliere.

“After the UIL event, we all went to the park. It was so much fun! We ate lunch and all hung out together and played games. It was great,” Jude Quaddumi, ninth, said.

The 12 assessors were hired from other districts of the state to determine the scores of the students. They are all very experienced with orchestra due to pasts of directing and tutoring privately.

Chamber one had Ellen Townley, Patrick Leaverton, and Chris Reidlinger as the assessors for the first the songs and afterwards had Ken Buck, Ann Roberts, and David Devoto as the assessors for the piece they sight-read. They had never seen the piece before and had nine minutes to slightly learn before performing for the second group of assessors.

Chamber Two and Symphony had the same assessors for their event day. The concert assessors that watched the performance of the first three songs of each group were Ellen Townly, Patrick Leaverton, and Chris Reidlinger. They also had the same sight-reading assessors of Patrick Leaverton, Teresa Nguyen, and Shirley Astwood.

“The orchestra hasn’t scored this well for seven years! The assessors said Creek was the best host each year for UIL, Region 17,” Mrs. Bradshaw said. “Our students really stepped up when they helped set up over 3,000 stands as well as chairs for the 16 different schools this year. Way to go Wildcats!”