Rock band Van Halen reunites for nationwide tour



David Lee Roth of Van Halen performed at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Saturday, May 19, 2012. (Marisa Wojcik/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

Madison Daugherty, Reporter

North America is in for a tsunami wave of shock because the legendary 80’s rock band Van Halen has released 22 tour dates covering the United Sates. Fans, especially in the Houston area, need to prepare to “run with the devil” since one of those tour date’s is set to be held at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

On March 30, Jimmy Kimmel Live! had Van Halen as the guest musical star. The band played for a crowd of around 6,000 fans squeezed onto the streets for the performance, according to Kimmel.

Nearly three years have passed since Van Halen toured the land of the free, and during their live performance on Kimmel’s show the fans proved how much they missed them. For the live performance, Van Halen sung Panama and Runnin’ With the Devil.

Not only is it shocking that the renowned rock band is traveling on tour, but it’s also eye-opening that David Lee Roth has chosen to go along. Although they had a slight reunion of 1996, Roth and the band did not last throughout the entire tour.

The tale of Van Halen begins in the West Coast with Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen. Musical excellence was brought to life when Eddie mastered his guitar skills and noticed his brother Alex’s drumming ability. It seemed as though Alex Van Halen could drum at the speed of light.

The two brothers then formed the group now known as Van Halen. Their first appearance was in 1978 with their first album titled Eruption. This particular album is what produced the hits, such as Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, You Really Got Me and Running With the Devil. The years passed and the band did quite well, and was then considered the “hottest rock band since Aerosmith.”

In 1979, Van Halen II was released followed by, Women and Children First in 1980, Fair Warning in 1982, and Diver Down in 1982.

For Van Halen, the following year of 1984 was bittersweet. It gave them much publicity and fame with the number one hits Jump, Panama and Hot For The Teacher, as well as what David Lee Roth called “a bitter and ugly divorce.”

When Roth left the group, they came back strong with new guitarist and singer, Sammy Hagar. The fresh and compatible group went well together and their first number one album was 5150. The number one charts were filled with Hagar’s striking vocals, such as Why Can’t This Be Love, Top Of the World, When It’s Love and Can’t Stop Lovin’ You.

During the 1990’s, Van Halen did amazing. The group also had ups and downs while touring during the 2000’s.

Van Halen went into a dark hole for a couple of years, emerging recently. The band has composed a new live album, creating a new vibe and a new tone for their fans. Tokyo Dome Live in Concert was released March 31, 2015 with David Lee Roth as the lead vocalist.

The album was recorded when Van Halen performed in June of 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The album contains two separate disks. The first CD has mostly old hits from the late 70’s and early 80’s to a mix of a couple new songs. The second CD has all old hits from their previous albums.

The mix of new songs on this album, are from the bands previous CD, which was released in 2012. What excites rockers the most about this fabulous new album is that David Lee Roth agreed to sing the vocals, as he officially re-joined the band in 2006.

The personnel on this album are David Lee Roth on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Wolfgang Van Halen on the bass, Eddie Van Halen playing guitar and backing vocals and of course, Alex Van Halen on the drums.

Van Halen has certainly shook up the year of 2015 for all their fans in the United States of America.