Wildcat Web News 10.16.17

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor




Anime Club’s first meeting is today in room A117 from 2:45 – 3:15.



Cathy Donahoe


Good morning, Wildcats!  The PALs are so excited that through selling the t-shirts in memory of Coach Jordan, we raised $1,582.71 for his memorial scholarship fund that will go to a deserving student!  To celebrate this, if you ordered a shirt, please wear it on Friday in his memory.  We can’t wait to see everyone in their shirts!




Becki Bryan


Region Orchestra auditions were last Friday night and our Orchestra students represented Creek very well!  Out of the 34 students that went and auditioned, 23 earned a spot in the Region Orchestra!  As a school we came in second in the Region for most kids who made it for the second year in a row! Go Wildcats!


Please help me congratulate the following students! There are two Region orchestras.  The “Full” Orchestra is the top one and it consists of band instruments as well to comprise a symphony orchestra.  The second orchestra is the “String” orchestra and it is a smaller string ensemble. Also, three of them ranked first chair in their section and we had seven Freshman make it, which is awesome considering the competition!




1st Violin

Jason Chaviers, grade 11


2nd Violin

Helen Ding, grade 9



Daniel Better, grade 12

Georgia Smith, grade 10



Matthew Ha, grade 9

Johnathan Tran, grade 12



Clark Crookston, grade 12 (first chair!)

Gabriella Allen, grade 10

Bryan Dawn, grade 10

Rachel Whitsett, grade 10




1st Violin

Joseph Studer, grade 12 (first chair!)

Hannah Heydorn, grade 9


2nd Violin

Tracy Vu, grade 11

Montserrat Montoya, grade 12

Josh Anderson, grade 12



Elise Matthews, grade 9 (first chair!)

Hudson Murray, grade 9

Pauline Nguyen, grade 11



Emily Klang, grade 9

Rebecca Trumble, grade 11

Katie Peterson, grade 10



Nik Risoldi, grade 9

Taylor Loechel, grade 12



Katherine Dupere


The NTHS Induction Ceremony will be held on November 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Sagemont Baptist Church, Worship Center, 11300 S. Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston, TX 77089.


Shannon Herd