Wildcat Web News 10.25.17

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor


Please support Coach Halford and his awesome Swim and Water Polo team by supporting this House of Pies Fundraiser. Orders are due by November 5.




Congratulations to the Lady Wildcat Varsity 2 Golf Team as they won 1st and 4th place at Country Place Golf course in Pearland.  Team Members include Aubrey Smith, Jamie Kropp, Raelee Wilkins, Peyton Galyean, Anabella Cooper, Emma Forbes, Amy McTaggart and Emma Winn.  4 or the 8 golfers shot their personal tourney best including 2nd medalist, Peyton Galyean and 3rd medalist Emma Forbes.  Congratulations Ladies!


Kayla Williamson


On Saturday, Creek Choir hosted the Texas Music Educators Association Region 17 Region Choir Auditions. A huge thanks to all the classroom teachers in B, C, and E pods whose classrooms we used, our library staff for the use of their space, the band and orchestra for their use of equipment, and to Jose and his crew. Our choir students did a wonderful job running a fair and efficient audition, and our area choir directors love coming to Creek for our auditions because of the experience they have when here. It was a team effort, and we appreciate it!


Our hard work paid off! Mr. Stultz and I are pleased to announce that 49 of our choir students made one of the Region Choirs, and 19 of them have advanced to the 3rd of 4 rounds of auditions for the All-State Choir. These are great results! We have much to be proud of!!


The 20 students who made the Region Concert Choir are:

Hunter Allison (freshman!)

Aishu Bajracharya

Ally Decker (2nd chair!)

Kendall Coney (freshman!)

Ellie Erdberg (freshman…9th chair!!!)

Erin Flores

Shreya Gadagojou (freshman!)

Anya Golovko (3rd chair!)

Gavin Hernandez (7th chair!)

Kennedy Jobe (freshman!)

Anne-Marie Kielb

Tej’a Lane (2nd chair!)

Katya Licona (freshman…7th chair!)

Karla Lindo (freshman!)

Joseph Lucena

Kadee Loyd (freshman!)

Stephanie Morrison (freshman…9th chair!)

Gillian Respondek (freshman!)

Hayden Spurling (freshman!)

Aiden Vermillion (freshman!)


The 9 students who made the Region Treble Choir are:

Carly Allard

Anabella Cooper

Elisabeth Elings

Yancey Grice (freshman!)

Sammi Leard

Madison Plotner

Aleena Stamness

Riana Vermillion

Rorie Weidman


The 20 students who made the Region Mixed Choir and have advanced to the third round of All-State Choir auditions are:

Mitchell Bonvillian (11th chair)

Mia Carter (6th chair)

Hailey Clough (1st chair)

Layla Elodat (11th chair)

Madigan Ewing (freshman!!!!….11th chair)

Brandon Falknor (8th chair)

Travis Falknor (14th chair)

Ella Gard (freshman!!!!…14th chair)

Miranda Hixson (14th chair)

Tyler Hoover (freshman!!!!…7th chair)

Zach Hoover (1st chair)

Jason Keyzer (3rd chair)

Lucy Melcher (15th chair)

Maven Mendoza (15th chair)

Justin Pollio (5th chair)

Brady Raboin (2nd chair)

Sophia Sereni (4th chair)

Skyla Sonnenburg (7th chair)

Hallie Thompson (3rd chair)

Katriel Velasco (1st chair)



James Park