Flicker is for country, folk and pop fans

Arrington Linder , Reporter

Niall Horan, a former member of One Direction released his first solo album since the group’s hiatus in 2015. His new album Flicker was released October 20. The first song he released was This Town September 29, 2016. It is a part of the album but was released as a single. The second song he released was Slow Hands May 4 of this year. Slow Hands was also a single but is a part of the album. The next song to be released was Too Much to Ask on September 15. Horan spent 18 months working on the album.

Flicker is a cross between country, folk and pop music. One Direction’s style of music was pop, and former bandmate Liam Payne has ventured over to more of a R&B style.

“Whenever I would pick up a guitar, I would always naturally play chords like that, and finger pick a lot and play that folky kind of style.” Niall Horan, singer, said.

The title track of the album is slow tempo and is a personal favorite. It is about him hanging onto any pieces left of his loved one. “Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me that I wanna keep. Please don’t leave, please don’t leave,” is a part of the chorus.

“It was the most important track I ever wrote” Horan, singer, said about Flicker.

This Town was the first solo of his to be debuted and it is the lead single for the album. This Town is about him not being over his previous love interest and how she has moved on and he regrets not telling her so many things. “And I want to tell you everything the words I never got to say the first time around.”

“To me the way I look at it, if you’re from a small town you’ll get this, every time you go back to your hometown you’ll see this girl in the bar, or wherever, and then everything comes back to you. And then the other part of it is the town itself no matter whatever you do whenever you live, when you go home, everything comes back to the town. That’s the way I kind of wrote it, as a double meaning.” Horan in an interview with Billboard, said.

The third track on the album, Seeing Blind features Maren Morris, a country singer. Morris will be joining Horan on his 2018 tour and they will be singing together at the Country Music Awards on November 8. Seeing Blind is upbeat and the vocals match perfectly together. It has a folk-pop tune to it. In one line of Seeing Blind it says “I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams. Watched it unfold on the screen, but I never understood.” The genius lyrics breaks down the meaning to him as seeing love in books and movies and having this expectation, but never have experienced it for himself.

The first track on the album, On the Loose sounds like What a Feeling. What a Feeling is a song on the most recent One Direction album, Made in the A.M. On the Loose has a different tone to it than the other songs on the album. It is more pop than folk compared to the other songs on the album.

Flicker is predicted to reach number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart next week. If it does, this will be the third solo album by a former member of One Direction to reach this spot. Zayn Malik and his album Mind of Mine reached number 1 in 2016 as well as Harry Styles’ album Harry Styles earlier this year.

If the album is purchased from Target, and poster and two extra tracks are included. Flicker acoustic and On the Loose acoustic. If the deluxe album is purchased you will receive 13 songs whereas the regular album only has 10 songs.

He will be touring all around the world. He will be performing at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on July 18 of next year. Ticket prices start at $61 and go all the way up to $2,000.