Return from holidays:1st Day Instructions 2018

Students all go to the first period class that they had first semester…



From: Gailey, Kandyce
Subject: 1st Day Instructions

1. No schedule? – That means the 1st period for 2nd semester has likely changed. Your teacher will allow you to go to the nearest pod secretary to get instructions on where to locate your new schedule.

2. Absent/Tardy students – Schedules need to be given to the nearest pod secretary. The pod secretary will hold them through 3rd period. Any unclaimed schedules after 3rd period will be returned to the Counseling Center.

3. Dual Credit students and 1st Period Release Time students – Report to the Auxiliary Cafeteria to pick up their schedule.

4. 1st Period School Service students – Report to Mrs. Saucier in the E-100 pod to pick up their schedule.

5. 1st period CTE Travel students – Report to Mrs. Herd in A-146 to pick up their schedule.

6. Missing a period or class listed twice? – The student needs to report to the Counseling Center.