Mayweather wins the boxing “fight of the century”

Vidal Maldonado, Sports Editor

Floyd Money Mayweather has captured his 48 victory in the fight of the century labeled Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, Floyd came in with his usual confident attitude on May 2 and kept the momentum of self preservation and finesse through out the bout with Pacquiao.

What was hyped to be a boxing fight that was described by Mayweather as one of  “incredible magnitude” ended up being a one sided fight of defense with hints of exciting face to face contact fighting by Floyd, many will argue that its just good old Mayweather defensive fighting, a master none the less at generating stats throwing jabs that would connect to the torso and arms of Pacquiao that would boost his stats and make him look like it a win was inevitable, easy, and a given fight.

Many will argue about the outcome of this fight, because this wasn’t a knockout like you would see mike Tyson back in his prime tearing the competition and delivering exciting fights that most of the time would be over with in less than 10 minutes, this was a fight of longevity and dodging the other persons punches.

“I felt like I won, he didn’t do anything,” says Pacquiao.

Many people will agree with Pacquiao, in saying that Manny proceeded to try to take the fight to Mayweather and make it interesting, almost every time Floyd was taken by the ropes and be hit with side jabs by Manny is was almost a ritual for Floyd to wrap him up and hold him until the ref separated them, a move that is completely legal, but completely a buzz kill among spectators who attended and ones who paid at home.

Controversy surrounded as the fight ended and was pretty clear who would go home with the victory, Floyd Mayweather Jr. now 48-0, who said  “I will take no breaks and fight again in September.”

The next fight scheduled is one against an unknown contender as of right now, however for Floyd Mayweather this will be his last. He has said before that his love for the sport is not like it used to be, Floyd stated he will retire after this last match that is on contract with Showtime Entertainment, he is contracted to make at least 180 million dollars for the fight alone, and by the numbers, 83,000 dollars per second while Manny himself made about 120 million dollars in the fight.

This fight alone shattered the previous pay per view record of the fight that featured Floyd Mayweather and Saul Canelo Alvarez who were both undefeated at the time with Floyd Mayweather winning by a unanimous decision. Floyd Mayweather Holds the top three boxing records with the third record against Oscar De La Hoya.

Just hours after his May 2 loss by unanimous decision, Pacquiao claimed he fought with a shoulder injury, one which he was hoping to get injected with a painkiller prior to the fight and which caused him to consider postponing the fight.

However, Floyd had not bought it for a minute. In an interview with Showtime’s Jim Gray Mayweather stated.

“After the fight, you know when he was sitting in the corner, no one was rubbing his shoulder. For him to say he had a torn rotator cuff, that’s ridiculous. If his hand would have gotten raised, he wouldn’t have said that. I mean, if you go back and you look at the weigh-in, he raised both arms extremely high. Throughout the whole week in training camp, leading up to the fight, when he was going to the boxing gym, when he was having workouts, he was throwing his left hand and his right hand extremely hard and extremely fast.”

Although there are talks about a potential rematch, Floyd has said that is very unlikely and looks forward to his fight in November.