Vidal’s Visions: A simple action


Vidal Maldonado, Sports Editor

As graduation approaches I reflect on the long but short years in high school. I remember my freshman year thinking it would be an eternity before I can start college and be grown up. I have never been more wrong, these years have flown by faster than I ever could have imagined, so if I have had any advice to give to underclassmen it would be to buckle up and prepare for the fastest four years you will ever experience. But I have also remembered many life lessons along the way, hopefully this could explain what I have learned and the people who have helped me learn along the journey they call high school.

Along the journey they call high school I have learned many things. This journey consisted of many emotions, as well as ups and downs, but one thing I cannot go without mentioning is the lessons I have learned through the teachers and staff at this awesome high school. I have learned that the littlest action can cause one of the biggest impacts on another individual’s life, even the smallest actions can change the outcome of one person’s day for the better. I have also learned that the smallest things can ruin people, a negative comment seems to make its way around faster than that same person doing a good deed for someone else, that is why I believe that people should focus on the good people do, and disregard the negative. If we could achieve this there’s no telling how much greater things we could do just by complementing the good work that other individuals accomplish, Instead of bashing that person down. 

I would like to recognize my teacher Mrs. Jameson for being an awesome role model that supports her students 100 percent and shows us how to be selfless and help others before helping themselves. I would like to also thank her for an awesome working environment, one that is easy going, and let us build friendships amongst one another. To say the least she is one of the most kindest people I have ever met, she would literally give the clothes off her back, and donate her last penny just to help others.

I would also like to thank the assistant principals, Mr. Jaso, Mr. Harper, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Drake that help prepare the students in any way possible, as well as keeping an awesome school environment and school spirit. They are truly the personality of the school!

I would like to thank the school security staff for keeping a safe environment for the student body, whether it’s a normal day at school, or at a creek game of some sort.

I would like to thank the counselors for guiding the students through their years of high school and preparing them for college and their careers with diligence. I would like to thank all the teachers who have had a positive impact on a student’s life to help better them. I would like to thank all the secretaries, Mrs. Saucier, Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. Del, and Mrs. Kuykendall, they are all awesome individuals and are very funny to talk to and hang around with! And last but not least I would love to thank my parents, for guiding me along the way and showing support no matter what the scenario is, without them I don’t know where I would be. There is no doubt in my mind that I will miss this place, but I look forward to the bright future of the peers in my class and I, as we hope to make a better future.