Monica’s Moments: A family history

Monica Jackson, Online Editor

My senior editorial is about history around the world that happened in the 20th century, some of which is horrifying. History is my favorite subject because you always get to understand each story the history tells you. Everything you look at, history is a part of it. It shows where it was from and how it got there in the first place.

My mother was my influence in history because she would always take me to the museum and building that was built in the 19th and 18th century, which was amazing. My mother would always take me to place and I would wonder how old it is and why they built it. I was the one that started searching our family history because of my mom’s grandfather that has heart problems and is fighting for his life everyday.

My great grandfather fought in World War II and the Korean war. My Grandpa Jackson was the one that put his whole entire body on a bomb to protect his men. He was transfered to the hospital, where the doctor told him that they couldn’t get all the bombshell out of his body. He still had bombshell in his body until he died from old age. He lived a great life, had two sons, and married a wonderful woman, my grandmother. He was a great hero because he saved those men from the bomb.

He was also the best great- grandfather to me and my brother and sister. My two great -grandfathers came from my mother’s side. I barely know my dad’s  side of the family, but I know a little. My dad’s grandfather was a Nazi in Germany where he helped support the concentration camps. After World War II was over and when the Allies won the war, pushing all the Germans back in to their country, my great-grandfather fled the country and went to the United States with all the Nazis that left before they were arrested. 

My life involved the most important history in the world, why they came to America to get their freedom from the British and the country they came from. My ancestors were some of the knights that protected the Holy Bible and the one of the founding fathers of America. My ancestors are some of the most important people in history and helped change the future.

Without our ancestors, we would not be here. Without them we wouldnt have our freedom from the Britain and America would not exist. I have learned that everything is part of history and that it is always changing.

Everyone has an ancestor that was a part of important history in the world and how they change America or they were the ones protecting something from someone. Everyone is a part of history. Everyone is a part of something great and that is changing the whole entire world. My mother was the one that told me that everything is for the better and that it might change the world. The world can change because of what we do.