American Idol crowns winner of fourteenth season

Madison Daugherty, Reporter

It has been a long yet adventurous year with the beloved show American Idol on FOX. This program has brought many talented average Americans who dream of becoming famous for doing what they love. Over the seasons of American Idol, there have been different judges and eclectic voices that bring out the di- verse characteristic trait this nation has.

Now, season 14 includes the one and only Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. as the judges. Ryan Seacrest of course is still currently their host. It was on January 7, 2015 that the judges were introduced to fresh new talent.

This year, the judges traveled to Min- neapolis, New Orleans, Long Island, Nash- ville and San Francisco. Out of all these cities around the country, they met many people of all different ages and then gave golden tickets to contestants who they be- lieve have a chance at becoming the next American Idol. The people who auditioned and received a ticket move onto Holly- wood Round, which is where contestants perform once again in a regular solo round and group performances. The people who sing solo at the beginning of the Hollywood Round episode are the ones who the judg- es couldn’t seem to sweep off their mind and wanted to hear again. Afterwards, the judges pick 24 singers or performers who will become season 14’s semi-finalists.

Divided by gender are the current contestants on the show this season. The males have Clark Beckham from Tennes- see, Ravyon Owen from Virginia, Quen- tin Alexander from New Orleans, SavionWright from Texas, Qaasim Middleton

from Brooklyn, Mark Andrew from Min- nesota, Nick Fradiani from Connecticut, Daniel Seavey from Oregon, Riley Bria who is also from Tennessee, Adam Ezege- lian from New York as well, Michael Sim- eon from Mississippi and Trevor Douglas from Texas. The females this season are Tyanna Jones from Florida, Adanna Duru form California, Jax Cole from New Jer- sey, Sarina-Hoi Crowe from Tennessee, Shi Scoot from Maryland, Loren Lott also from California, Shannonn Berthiaume from Minnesota, Lovey James from Oregon, Joey Cook from Virginia, Alexis Gomez from Ohio, Maddie Walker from Iowa and Katherine Winston from Massachusetts.

Once the judges have picked the Top 24, the next episode the contestants are able to move to live performances, which is when America is able to vote for whom ever their favorite is. The first live episode is the Top 12 Boys perform, on February 25 of this year. Adam Ezegelian started the show off with roaring rock notes from I Wanna Rock but sadly was eliminated. Up next was Michael Simeon with the heart-aching love hit How Am I Suppose To Live Without You and is now safe. Savion Wright sang Hey,Soul Sister and contin- ued on safe. Mark Andrew was eliminat- ed. Trevor Douglas sang Best I Ever Had and was sadly eliminated. Clark Beckham sang When a Man Loves a Woman and advanced through. The other male con- testants who advanced in the competition were Ravyon Owen, Daniel Seavey, Quen- tin Alexander, Nick Fradiani and Qaasim Middleton. The beautiful female contes- tants who are going to the next round are Adanna Duru, Alexis Gomez, Joey Cook, Loren Lott, Maddie Walker, Sarina

joi Crowe, Jax Cole and Tyanna Jones. After the Top 24 sang their choice of song, the next live per- formance is Motown themed. Aretha Franklin, a motown legend, gave the Top 16 helpful advice for picking a song right for them and how to find their soul in the music. The first night the males per- formed, Franklin performed a toned down

version of her old number one hit. Afterwards, the contestants hit stage with their mowtown song choice. Dan- iel Seavey was first up with How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Mark Andrew performed Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone, Ra- vyon Owen was third with the well-known Temptations number one hit My Girl. Adam Ezegelian sang I Want You Back, Clark Beckham with The Track Of My Tears, Nick Fradiani performed Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours by Stevie Wonder. Seventh to sing was Qaasim Middleton and last but not least was Quentin Alex- ander singing Master Blaster (Jammin’). To start off the next episode of this bright new season was Tyanna Jones performing Rockin’ Robin by the Jackson 5, following after her was Loren Lott singing I Wanna Be Where You Are. Maddie Walker sang I’ll Be There, Joey Cook created her own personal twist of Shop Around, Sarina-Joi Crowe performed You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me. Adanna Duru sang Hello, Jax Cole completely re-structured the song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. The final female contestant to perform was Alexis Gomez Closer and closer, the idol contes- tants inch towards the end of a superb season. In the Top 12 episode Back To Start, all the finalists performed the song they first auditioned with. Sadly, Sarina-Joi Crowe was eliminated. The following episode, Get the Party Started; all contestants per- formed their favorite party songs. In episode Movie Night, America was in for a surprise. To start off the epi- sode, all 11 finalists sang Get Lucky for the live audience. Jennifer Lopez, who is one of the three judges, performed one of her hit singles. Kenny Loggins, singer of 80’s movie hit song Footloose sang as well. For this episode, every single con- testant created his or her own short film, whether it is a romantic comedy or action thriller. Before one would come o stage to sing, the screens would play the short videos of their movie and which song America will wait to hear them perform. On March 25, the episode called Trib- ute to the 80’s aired and the Top 9 contes- tants performed their choice of 80’s hit. Boy George, 80’s icon, starred as guest mentor to give advice to the aspiring idols. The remaining top 9 include, Daniel Seavey, Quentin Alexan- der, Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, Jax, Nick Fradiani, Clark Beckham, Qaasim Middleton and Ravyon Owen. The judges were impressed by all of the performances, yet Clark Beckham’s version of Every Breath You Take by The Police gave Jennifer Lopez the “goosies.” Keith Urban also added that Beckhams performance “ showed a much more heart side of you that we really took me on a journey.” Not only did a pop icon guest men- tor the contestants, but also two legends spiced up the episode with their guest per- formance. Salt-N-Pepa performed 1980’s hit Push it to get the crowd pumping.