National television spotlights turns on Busby quints


By Emily Berthiaume, Editor-in-Chief

Editors Note:Update to Emily’s earlier story in the Creek HiLife
The historic quintuplets born to local League City Busby family are finally all home from the hospital. Now three months old, Parker, Hazel, Olivia, Riley, and Ava have joined mom Danielle, dad Adam and big sister Blayke at home.

Parker and Hazel were the first to be allowed to be brought home, in early June. Next came Olivia and Riley about two weeks later, followed by Ava on July 6. Ava was the last to come home due to her reflux issues in the hospital, which would trigger a “brady”, or bradycardia, a drop in heart rate, according to their blog,

With now all six girls under one roof, the Busbys are certainly learning to adjust to the new normal. When asked how they manage to do everything on Fox and Friends, Danielle replied simply “we just do.” Help from friends, family, and parents is the key, they said.

“It’s pretty crazy, I’m so glad we finally get to see them all together, and just stare at them all by each other,” Danielle said to the Houston Chronicle.
She mentioned that she is looking forward to when the quints are a bit more grown up and their personalities are more developed.

“This is crazy and it’s hard, like you know adjusting to sleep and all this, but in a few months when they have their personalities … it’s gonna be hilarious,” she said.

The numbers are staggering of course, with the babies going through more than 40 bottles and 60 diapers a day. According to Adam, the formula bill alone will be “a little over $2,000 a month”.

“So it’s scary,” Adam said. “It’s a little scary, but I mean God’s provided all through this journey, and so I mean, we’re not scared.”
Danielle, Adam, and their bunch were recently featured on The Today Show, Fox and Friends, and the Houston Chronicle.

Editors Note:We hope they will all become WILDCATS!

The Daily Mail recently posted an update here that follows the family history.