2018 CCISD Livestock Show results for CEEEK

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor

Photo by HiLife Photographer Danielle Dunavant

Creek, as usual, did a magnificent job of winning in all categories for this year.

Brandon Law 10th place
Sara Warren 12th
Peyton Anderson 13th
Morgan Penrod
Shaina Westfall 14th
Lily Saenz
Lauren Lueking 15th
Jordan Adams

Jacob Sawyer Grand Champion
Morgan Irwin 8th

Anthony Borrego Grand Champion
Grace Garcia 3rd (made auction)
Emma Pistone 7th (made auction)
Andrew Kapfer 8th (made auction)
Craig Sickmen 9th (made auction)
Sarah Taylor 11th

Ocean Henry
Emma Pistone -4th
Samantha Pistone 3rd
Jordan Adams- grand champion

Emily Jones 1st and reserve champion
(Made auction)
Biannca Ramirez 5th
Kayleigh Pettigrew 7th
Andy Castillo 6th
Sarah Burris 4th (made auction)
Morgan Randecker 2nd (made auction)
Yancey Grice 1st and grand champion (made auction)
Madison Bear 3rd (made auction)

Kylie Starks 1st (made auction)
Parker Withers 8th
Julianne Oh 5th (made auction)
Hanna Wingard 7th
Jordan Adams 1st (made auction)
Morgan Irwin 2nd (made auction)

Hannah Nix 3rd (made auction )and Steer showmanship champion

Madi Lawrence -Champion American and Grand champion overall
Jordan Adams -champion exotic and reserve champion overall, heifer showmanship -champion
Nicole Speed reserve British heifer

Emily Jones -best of show horticulture and visual arts
Morgan Penrod – best of show food science
Morgan Irwin and Kylie Starks best of show ag mechanics

Craig Sickmen and Madi Lawrence- 1st place ag mechanics
Logan Sammons- 1st place wood project
Anthony Borrego- 1st place cookies