Katie’s Konclusion: Senior Advice

Clear Creek High School, thank you for the memories that I will keep in my heart forever. From Freshman to Senior year, I have loved this school. Creek isn’t like any other high school, were all one big family. Everyone gets along and supports one another. When I started out my freshman year, with a total of two friends, I was terrified. I heard the stories of the jocks “messing up” the nerds and believed everything else people told me about it being horrible. And turns out, none of it was true. Sure, we have fights, but I mean what high school doesn’t?

On to the relationships. You will have many friends in high school, but to be honest most of them will be fake. But I promise, you will find that one friend that will change your life forever. That one friend that makes you see everything differently. Then there will be the boyfriends/girlfriends, and those get tough. Most people find their first real love in high school and let me tell you, the feeling of someone really caring about you is something that you will always want. Until they hurt you. I’m not saying everybody is going to find someone they love, and I’m not saying everyone will get hurt. I’m just warning anyone reading this that being hurt by someone you thought loved you hurts more than anything. Most of my High School years, I was in the “I’m just going to have no friends and keep earbuds in 24/7” because that one friend moved to Georgia.

My plans for after high school are to go to The College of the Mainland, to get a few more classes in, then my plans are to attend Houston Baptist University to major in Biblical Studies. I would love to become a pastor some day because I have had many influential Christians in my life, and it would be amazing to be able to influence others and be a great role model for young people.

My final advice for you is to take high school seriously. Don’t slack off because this is what leads to what you will be doing foot the rest of your life. Good Luck!