Majewski’s Most Memorable Moments of 2017-18

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor

Principal Majewski at the pinnacle of every year~graduation

Photo by Sierra Dickey

We reflect on the 2017-18 school year as our new school year is rapidly approaching. Principal Majewski has given the Creek HiLife Majewski’s Most Memorable Moments of 2017-18. Listed in the following paragraphs, not necessarily in order of importance, are those moments. For some events we have slideshows, while others are unaccompanied by photos.

Number one was Hurricane Harvey and the remarkable response of all Wildcats who rushed to the aid of those in need before, during and after the storm. Creek itself was opened as a temporary shelter for those who were displaced by the rising waters. See slideshow here

Number two was one of the biggest Wildcat heroes of all, Coach Ruben Jordan. Braving the storm, Jordan helped others reach safety only to lose his own life to the flood waters. He was so beloved that his memorial service filled the Clear Creek Community Church in League City to its max. The Houston Texas named him Coach of the Week and gave us a pep rally in his honor. Media from all over the country covered the story. The Spring Sports facility was renamed the Ruben C Jordan Spring Sports Facility. The culmination of ceremonies came when his daughter, Dr. Lindsey Jordan Gay presented the first two scholarships in his name at senior awards night. So many photos that you may pick and choose what to view here. Inside the NFL tribute video here  and slideshows here at Creek HiLife

Number three was the support given to Santa Fe High School after the shooting there took ten lives and injured thirteen others. Right after the event, Wildcats went into support mode and offered a myriad of assistance to the survivors of Santa Fe. From Aldo the therapy dog to counselors, cash, cops and so much more, Creek was there to help and to offer comfort at every turn.

Number four was when our trainer, Kristin Salinas, saved the life of a Wildcat at an athletic event whose heart had stopped. She revived the Wildcat with a defibrillator. It doesn’t get any better than this. What a great headline: Athletic Trainer Saves Life by Restarting Heart

Number five was the exciting news about All State Orchestra and Choir members. Clark Crookston, a senior and a bass player was named to the All-State String Orchestra. He was the first to do so in ten years. Eight of nine students made one of the All-State choirs, and the ninth student was named first alternate.

These events stand out most in Majewski’s memories of the year. This year originated with a week that began with an eclipse and ended in a hurricane. Through it all, Wildcats rose to every challenge and helped each other help others with incredible strength and resiliency. Core values were exhibited every single day of the school year.



*Mr. Majewski is always proud of his Wildcats and only chose these five because we kept bugging him.