Journalism One rises to the challenge


Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor

This was their assignment:

Find three things going on around campus. List the 5 W’s and H that are happening. Who/ What? When? Where? Why? How? And now…So what? Do we care? Sometimes in high school, that is the most important one. Get quotes from adults and students. Be sure to list their name and grade or position.

For instance, Mrs. Suzanne Saucier, E Pod secretary, makes all of the lost or left elsewhere badge replacements. Saucier said, “I love making badges because I get to see all the funny photos.”

Return to classroom with your ideas. Type up a paragraph for each of your three ideas and save to your folder in the server TODAY. Not over the weekend-due TODAY.


Proud advisor LOVES that they have come so far in such a short time. Go journalists GO! These kids make me so happy! Love my job! News 24/7