Wildcat Web News 10.16.18

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor






PTSA will be selling popcorn this Wednesday


PTSA ladies


Region Orchestra Auditions 

Full Orchestra:


1st Violin

Jason Chaviers, rank 12 (Senior)

Helen Ding, rank 18 (Sophomore)


2nd Violin

Amanda Gumban, rank 25 (Junior)

Adrianne Ross, rank 28 (Junior)



Georgia Smith, rank 6 (Junior)

Elise Matthews, rank 7 (Sophomore)

Hudson Murray, rank 9 (Sophomore)



Matthew Ha, rank 3 (Sophomore)



Bryan Dawn, rank 2 (Junior)

Gabriella Allen, rank 5 (Junior)


String Orchestra:


1st Violin

Hannah Heydorn, rank 39, 3rd chair (Sophomore)

Hana Embry, rank 41, 5th chair (Freshman)


2nd Violin

Heidi Nguyen, rank 53, 3rd chair (Sophomore)

Daniel Lam, rank 55, 5th chair (Junior)

Aivry Zamora, rank 61, 11th chair (Freshman)



Sofia Rocha, rank 15, 3rd chair (Freshman)

Cecilia Onoviran, rank 16, 4th chair (Sophomore)

America Malacara, rank 17, 5th chair (Junior)

Pauline Nguyen, rank 19, 7th chair (Senior)



Dennis Kostjuhin, rank 13, 1st chair (Freshman)

Emily Klang, rank 15, 3rd chair (Sophomore)



Mackenzie Gibbons, rank 9, 1st chair (Senior)

Will Irvine, rank 11, 3rd chair (Senior)


Thank you for all your support!!!


Katherine Dupere



YOU are invited to attend the CCTD Fall Show, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard. Performances will be given on October 18-20 & 26-27 at 7:00 PM in the Auditorium. Ticket prices for the general public are $5 for Students & Seniors and $7 for Adults.  We will also be performing during the school day on October 25 for a small group of Intermediate Students.  Feel free to pop into the Auditorium anytime from 10:00-12:30.

Below are the students involved in the performances:


Rosencrantz – Fatinah Al-Hmoud/Bryce Strickland

Guildenstern – Madison Vansco/ Hunter Taylor

The Player – Alex Harrington

Tragedian – Molly Akin

Tragedian – Sutton Anderson

Tragedian – Emma Barnes

Tragedian – Ally Decker

Tragedian – Anya Golovko

Tragedian (Alfred) – Yadir Hannon

Tragedian – Mark Kostjuhin

Hamlet – James Haas

Ophelia – Jordan Sapp

Claudius – Tim Holt

Gertrude – Aislyn Gonzalez

Polonius – Alex Hammack


Stage Manager – Jessica Ruckstuhl

Asst. Stage Manager – Rebecca Trumble

Construction Head – Hunter Junco

Grips Head – Silas Massey

Lighting Head – William May

Painting Head – Heaven Wright

Props Head – Bethany Howard

Sound Head – Chris Griffin

Front of House – Sutton Anderson

Grips – Parker Williamson, Reese Blackburn & Avery Winton

Makeup/Hair – Ally De Vera

Costume Crew – Avery Wolff, Aline Rea, Ava Villar & Macey Moser


As always, the CCTD appreciates all of the ways you support our students!


Bradley Hewlett