Counselor Information 2018-2019

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Lead Counselor 

Kandy Gailey

Secretary to the Lead Counselor 

Terry Vasichko


Stacey Duke 

9th grade counselor (class of 2022)


Ebony Barnett

10th – 12th last names A-D


Michelle Wilson 

10th – 12th last names E-K


Stacey Adian

10th – 12th last names L-Re

Traci Mills 

10th – 12th last names Rf- Z

Adriana Flores 

Student Support Counselor ( A- K)


Jossie Quintana 

Student Support Counselor ( L – Z)




Shannon Herd 

College and Career Specialist (Naviance)


Tommie Barnett 

Registarar Last Names A-K (transcripts)


Mary Anne Janca 

Registarar Last Names L-Z (transcripts)

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