Twenty One Pilots releases new album Trench


Twenty One Pilots Performing

Arrington Linder, Features Editor

Recently, Twenty One Pilots released their new album, Trench, which has hit number two on Billboard 200. Twenty One Pilots is best known for their hit songs Stressed Out, which peaked at number two, and Ride, which peaked at number five.Trenchfeatures songs such as Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners and Levitate. Twenty One Pilots consists of Tyler Joseph, lead vocals, and Josh Dun, drummer.

The album includes the songs Jumpsuit, Levitate, Morph, My Blood, Chlorine, Smithereens, Neon Gravestones, The Hype, Nico and the Niners, Cut My Lip, Bandito, Pet Cheetah, Legendand Leave the City. Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, Levitate and My Blood were all released in advance, respectively.

The album was announced on July 11 along with two songs, Jumpsuit and Nico and the Niners, released on October 5. In the beginning, Jumpsuithas a slow beat but as the song continues, the tempo increases until Joseph’s voice starts to escalate in volume and the drums intensify. Nico and the Ninershas a similar tone as Jumpsuit, but instead of an increase in intensity at the end, Joseph begins to rap.

The third song released was Levitate, although it is the second track on the album. Just like in Nico and the Niners, Levitateinvolves rapping, however, most of the song is rapping, not just one verse. The ending of the first song, Jumpsuit,leads directly into Levitate. In Jumpsuit,Joseph sings, “My jumpsuit takes so high,” which many fans have speculated is a reference to him “levitating.”

The third song featured on the album is titled Morph,which is fast paced and has an indie-like composition. The song starts off with Joseph rapping and leads into the chorus. Most of the song is made up of Joseph rapping, but the chorus is what includes the indie-style elements. The lyrics to Morphmention changing into someone else and the idea of what happens after death.

My Bloodis not only the fourth song on the album, but it is also the fourth and final song to be released prior to the album’s debut. The beat of the song starts off slow, but as the song progresses, the drums become denser and the tempo increases. The music video to My Bloodwas released along with the album. The video shows two young brothers throughout their life and on Halloween, the brother depicted to be tougher gets into a fight and the other brother protects him.

The seventh track on the album is Neon Gravestones. This song brings topics such as suicide and mental illness to light. Neon Gravestonesis overall an eerie song, with the drums being played lightly in the background. Near the end of the song, Joseph speaks out about fighting the stigma and “glorifying one’s life, not their death.”

All albums tell a story, this one especially. Dema is a fictional city that is referenced to in many of the Trenchsongs and music videos. The music videos of Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners andLevitateare all a part of the story. In Jumpsuit, Joseph can be seen trying to escape the people of Dema. Dun is not introduced into the videos until Nico and the Niners¸the second video in the story. In this video, Joseph is packing and running away from the people of Dema, once again. About halfway through the video, Joseph is cornered by people in masks and one is later revealed as Dun. They then finish out the rest of the song together. In the third and final video, Levitate, Joseph and Dun put on a performance for the others at camp. Most of this video does not involve a story, except for the last clip of Joseph being dragged away.

“I think the community in which a live show is set, or a fan base, kind of feels like that [aid]- that place is a good place to be, especially when it’s safe and accepting, which I think that our fans are pretty incredible at creating a safe and accepting space for people to enjoy the art that we’re making. I’m really proud of them, and look up to them in that way,” Joseph said.

Overall, this album is a mix of old and new styles of Twenty One Pilots. Many fans are excited about the release of Trenchand are excited to hear and see more. Most likely, another album will not be released for another two or three years but it will be worth the wait