Creek’s League of Extraordinary successfully debuts their 14th Season


Jessica Rucksth

Cast of the show


Many things in life can make us laugh, but nothing like Clear Creek’s League of Extraordinary Improvisers. The League of Extraordinary Improvisers is a group of hilarious students from Clear Creek led by Mr. Hewlett who never fails to make their audience laugh. Most commonly known as LExI, the improv group can make the toughest people crack when it comes to being entertained by easily captivating their audience with their humor and improv skills.

The League of Extraordinary Improvisers team includes nineteen improvers, two hosts, three game coordinators, and fourteen players. This year, the hosts are seniors, Sutton Anderson and Molly Akin. The game coordinators are James Haas, junior, Silas Massey, sophomore, and Dalton Volkmer, junior. The players are Fatinah Al-Hmoud, junior, Emma Barnes, senior, Alex Hammack, senior, Yadir Hannon, junior, Angela Jardina, junior, Mark Kostjuhin, senior, Bryce Strickland, senior, Hunter Taylor, senior, Rebecca Trumble, senior, Corynne Baccigalopi, junior, Dillain Daggy, junior, Adonai Haregot, senior, Alex Harrington, sophomore, and Maddie Vansco, senior. These students work diligently to better their improv skills in hopes of putting on the best comedic and entertainment show they can.

“I am the happiest when I am performing. I like how I am never going to know what is going to happen,” Baccigalopi, junior at Clear Creek, said.


Although most of the humor comes naturally to those in the troop, they practice every day in their class period along with a dress rehearsal before every show to make sure they are as prepared as can be. In their daily class period, the improv troop enjoys playing games like scene base games, where the players are given an occupation or location, guessing games, where the players are given specific quirks and another one of the players must guess that given quirk, to better their improv skills. They also enjoy playing a game called Poet’s Corner, where the improvisers are given a topic and one of the other players must host a poetry slam and has the other players poeticize about a given topic. They are taught that improv should always revolve around CROW: characters, relationships, objective, and where. The CROW method helps the troop stay on track while performing. They are also taught to never say “no” to anyone’s ideas while improving since those ideas may lead to a good idea turn in events in the show. A simple “yes and..” suffices to keep the ball rolling. The improv group takes their art very seriously and continuously works to improve their skills.

“I like being in improve because it is a fun place to make new friends. It is a very comfortable environment where you can always be yourself. Also, there is a really great teacher for improve. Mr. Hewlett is really great!” Yadir Hannon, junior at Clear Creek, said.

The League of Extraordinary Improvisers is a great addition to the school and the theatre department. They love to make their audience laugh and will do anything to entertain them. They work very hard to keep the school happy and entertained. You can see this group perform at the next Black Box Show on November 9th, the LExI’s next improv show in December and the Cavalier Spring Show on May 4th. The group cannot wait to make everyone in the audience laugh again. Clear Creek is very proud to have them as a part of the school.