Creek varsity football enjoys success

Anna Scheuring, Reporter

On August 29th, the Wildcats stepped out on the field for the first game of the 2015 season. The Clear Creek Wildcats battled the Ridgepoint Panthers for the victory.

The Wildcats  ended the 2014 season with an unfortunate loss in the first round of the playoffs. The team earned 2nd in the 24-6A area, losing only to Dickinson 42-20. This year’s team, made up of some of the most experienced players in the district, are sure to make the 2015 season one to remember.

The Wildcats enter the 2015 season with the return of 7 offensive starters and 9 defensive starters. The Daily News highlighted the key returners to be Chase Hildreth, Landon Etzel, Brandon Hower, Nik Daniels, Colby Burton, and Lofton Hicks.

On the defensive end, Nik Daniels, two year first team all district member, is sure to be a part of the Wildcats success on defense. Daniels finished the 2014 season with a whopping 85 sacks and 11 tackles. This year, he will be transitioning from defensive end to linebacker. Edward Goffney, Lofton Hicks, and Colby Burton are powerful players that will play huge roles for this season. The experience on varsity that each players has will aid in benefiting the overall defense.

“I’m hoping with the experience that I’ve gained over the past three years I will help my team make great improvements on the defensive side of the ball, and also win district and post regular season games. But we’re going to take this season one game at a time,” LB Ed Goffney Sr. said.

Davon Smith, running back for the Wildcats, sat out the 2014 season due to an unfortunate knee injury.

“Davon has done a tremendous job rehabbing, and had a great summer,” Coach Warden, head coach, said.  Davon will be a key player on the offense. “Davon’s going to really help our running game. As much as people like to think we throw it, I still believe you have to be able to run the ball to win football games,” Warden said.

With a lot of hard work, Davon will step on the field again, and be a key player too.

“My knee injury made me a better player by humbling me and making me work harder than ever. It feels great to be back on the field, I love being with my brothers and competing with them. It’s the best thing in the world,” running back, Davon said.

The Wildcat trio of the strong receivers Landon Etzel, Brandon Hower, and Andy Wiesen are sure to be a big part of the offense. The three are all varsity veterans, all having varsity experience since sophomore year. All three have been selected on first and second team all-district selections.  The boys are sure to meet the expectations of not only themselves, but everyone watching them.

“I want to win district and then be able to have success in the playoffs,” WR Landon Etzel Sr. said of what he wants to accomplish this season.

“I’m excited for all of the seniors who have played since sophomore year to just come up and show really all the hard work that they’ve done and how much they’ve improved.” WR Andy Wiesen Sr. said.

Throwing the ball to the talented receivers will be the well known quarterback, senior Chase Hildreth. Hildreth finished the 2014 season with the stats of 229-for-357 for 3,047 yards and 39 TDs, being one of the most talented quarterbacks in the 24-6A competition. The strong passing game is going to be another key aspect to the success of the team.

“I think we should be pretty good this year. We have a lot of returning players comng back, and a lot of those players started as sophomores. So we’re a really experienced football team. I’m hoping to go undefeated and win district.” Chase said.

While individual players are undoubtedly important to the game, the success comes when the players unite to make a team and play for one goal. When asked about the team, the players had many great things to say.

“We have great team chemistry and play for the man next to us rather than doing our own thing,” safety Lofton Hicks Sr. said.

When asked make makes the Wildcats a strong team, center Tanner Pugh Jr. replied with “our work ethic and all of the talent on both sides of the ball”.

Notable Clear Creek football games of the 2015 season to attend will be Clear Creek vs. Friendswood on October 17th,  Clear Creek vs. Clear Springs on October 23rd, and Clear Creek vs. Dickinson on October 30th. Nik Daniels and Colby Burton both look forward to playing Dickinson.

“I’m most excited for the Dickinson game, and making a run in the playoffs,” cornerback Colby Burton Sr. said.

“I’m looking forward to playing Dickinson just because they won district last year and we want the title back,” LB Nik Daniels Sr. said.

With high expectations and a team of hard-working  and  hungry  players, there’s an  exciting  season  in store for  the  Wildcats.