Chili Cook Off 2019 Winners


WINNERS #1 chili=A chili of their own

In a stunning twist of fate, the team that normally wins for decoration has taken the win for best tasting chili this year. A League of Their Own, consisting of the main office staff (Cathy Donahoe, Tommie Barnett, Terry V., Mona Ross, Mitzi Leatherman, Diane Alonzo,Lesley Bauer and Wynette Jameson, HiLife advisor) took home the gold for tastiness.

WINNERS #1 chili=A League of Their Own RtoL:Front Row Terry, Diane,Tommie and Mitzi RtoL Back Row: Mona, Cathy, Wynette, Angie and Lesley


Number one in the decoration aisle was the big rockey for the Space Cadets, Robin Merritt and Elizabeth McCarty.

Judges Results:

Best Chili – Blind taste test

1st – Team 3 – A League of their Own

2nd – Team 5 – LA Chili

3rd – Team 6 – Mix It Up and Blend

Best Decoration:

1st – Team 11 – Space Cadets

2nd –  Team 3 – A League of Their Own

3rd – Team 13 – It’s Not Easy being Green

Faculty Favorites:

Best Chili:

1st – Team 13 – It’s Not Easy being Green

2nd – Team 4 – Who won the Race

3Rd – 4 teams tied – Team 3, Team 8, Team 9, Team 11

Best Decoration:

1st – Team 3 – A League of Their Own

2nd – Team 11 – Space Cadets

3rd – Team 12 – Chili Willie’s