CREEK comes in second in Academic UIL District

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor



UIL Academic Teams 2018-19: District Results      (*the bold names are advancing to UIL regions)


Social Studies: 1st Tony Dudley, 4th Carli Fontaine, 8th Anna Alves, Brandon Doan

1st Place Team Social Studies


Spelling and Vocabulary: 3rd Adonai Haragot, 6th Mete Karagoz, 7th Tim Brazzel

2nd Place Team Spelling and Vocabulary


Literary Criticism: 3rd Rolly Ojo, 4th Noah Ellis, 6th Ayan Sarkar

2nd Place Team Literary Criticism


Ready Writing: 3rd Ayan Sarkar


Science: 1st Biology Helen Ding

2nd Place Team Science: Helen Ding, Madelyn Skierski, Adara Toran, Elida Met-Hoxha, Peyton Burlington


Math:  5th Cameron Noorbakhsh


Number Sense: 3rd Cameron Noorbakhsh


Calculator Apps: 1st Cameron Noorbakhsh


News Writing: 1st Arrington Linder, 3rd Sierra Dickey, 4th Maddie Moore


Feature Writing: 5th Morgan Severson, 6th Leah Burnam


Editorial Writing: 2nd Morgan Severson


Headline Writing: 2nd Arrington Linder, 3rd Sierra Dickey, 5th Leah Burnam


Copy Editing: 2nd Maddie Moore, 4th Morgan Severson


1st Place Team Journalism: Sierra Dickey, Maddie Moore, Morgan Severson, Arrington Linder, Leah Burnam


Current Events: 6th Grant Coburn

2nd Place Team Current Events: Grant Coburn, Leah Burnam, Riley Healy, Morgan Severson


Poetry: 5th Meghan Lindquist


Informative Extemp: 5th Emma Tyler


LD Debate: 1st Rachel Boyd


CX Debate: 1st Sanjana Shah & Sonny Wang, 2nd Jack Callahan & Nathaniel Overby



“Clear Creek was 2nd Place Overall in district by less than 20 points to Clear Springs.

Great showing at districts with 17 students advancing to regions and congratulations to all who participated”