Apple announces iOS 9 technology and iPhone 6s



The iPhone 6 and 6s. (Apple)

Ava Manuel, Reporter

On September 17, Apple released the new iOS 9 software update available to all Apple products, dating all the way back to the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The update is free of charge to all owners of Apple products, and has made the smartphones more resourceful, along with a smarter virtual assistant and improved battery life.

The solution to better battery life is called low power mode. Whenever a phone is running low, rushing to settings to turn off the Wi-Fi or other amenities can be a hassle, but now the update ameliorates that by providing a single switch that will pop up on the screen automatically when the phone is 20% or below. The low power mode can last up to 11 hours by turning down the brightness to 35% and closing apps. Even without the lower power mode on, iOS 9 provides an extra hour of battery life.

Not only does the update save battery, it also saves time. Apple understands that time is valuable, and people want to spend less time searching for apps and more time using them. As a result, Siri now suggests points of interest.  These areas are found by using the “Nearby” tab bar. This new feature is meant to help the user find the local hot spots, such as food, shopping, gas stations, and bars near them. Not only does it suggest these places, it also navigates and times how long it will take the user to reach the desired destination. Anther efficient way the update saves time is by launching the Music app automatically when the user plugs in their earphones. The iOS 9 can also set the song to one that the user is most likely to listen to at that time of day.

Although the two primary changes to the software were battery life and time saving, Apple has also added small, exciting elements to their products. The update includes a dedicated selfie and screenshot folder, in which Apple automatically separates pictures based on how they were taken. The device can detect whether the user is taking pictures on front or back camera. It is important that people are aware that Apple does not use face detection software to sort these photos. Also, circular contact thumbnails of the contact’s face, or other picture was added in Messages.

“iOS 9 brings this feature to all the iPhone models so now you can put a face to the name,” Oscar Raymundo, the Staff Writer of Macworld states.

Also, note that on the iPad pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 4, the update gives you an extra feature called Split View. This gives you the ability to use two apps at one time.

For online shoppers, the update can make their purchases easier by using Apple Pay. Stores such as JCPenny, Kohl’s, Walgreens, and BJ’s Wholesale Club have Rewards programs and special benefits for people who use Apple Pay. For the first time, Apple Pay can be accepted outside the U.S. They will start with the United Kingdom, where 250,000 locations await. Also Apple has announced that they will introduce the new credit card reader called The Square. This device strives to make Apple Pay more accepted among smaller businesses.

The new Newstand app is now changed to fit the user’s interests. People can pick and choose the articles they want to read about, and their iPhone will alter their news feed according to their preferences. Other changes include a now six-digit passcode and, with iOS 9.1, over 150 new emojis.

This wasn’t the only display function was adjusted in the update. Apple made their keyboard clearer by adding a Shift key. The key makes it easier to see whether or not the caps lock is turned off when the entire keyboard displays the letters in uppercase or lowercase.

At Apple’s annual media event in San Francisco this September, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were also announced. The slogan of the new phone’s sale was “the only thing that’s changed is everything” and, true to the catchphrase, many new features have been added. 3D Touch is by far the biggest addition, which senses how deeply a user presses the display, allowing for real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps. A more advanced camera that is now equipped to take 4K video and an enhanced front camera is also available.