CCTD performs annual fall show The Good Doctor


Alyssa Lobue, Teen Interest Editor

The first production of Clear Creek’s 2015-2016 school year was The Good Doctor, a play made from 9 scenes with no connecting plot or theme between, written by Neil Simon and based off of writings by Anton Cherdyakov. “I chose this play specifically because since last year, the thought of performing The Good Doctor had been running through my mind. It also fit the setting of Clear Creek Intermediate’s smaller theatre we had to use due to reconstruction,” Clear Creek Theatre Department director Bradley Hewlett said. Auditions for actors and actresses were held September 8, and callbacks were September 9. The final decision for the roles was made on September 10 by Mr. Hewlett, with the help of Mr. Samson, Creek’s technical director. The play consists of two acts. Act One has five scenes, The Sneeze, The Governess, Surgery, Too Late For Happiness, which was the only musical scene, and The Seduction. Act Two has four scenes, The Drowned Man, The Audition, A Defenseless Creature, and The Quiet War. The lead role of the show, a comedic version of Chekov who also functioned as the narrator, was cast as Tanar Yokum, a senior theatre student. “For not having acted in four years, coming to the show was an interesting experience. I felt at home. I never felt any lesser for not having acted in such a long time,” Yokum said. The theatre department decided to keep the production close to the original, although one scene was removed due to content and was replaced by a scene written by Neil Simon titled The Quiet War. Due to the renovations being made to Creek’s main theatre, the technical department had to overcome many difficulties in order to stage the play at Clear Creek Intermediate. Members of the CCTD had to reexamine the placement of the stage as well as adapt to the performance area for a more intimate experience, with the audience ‘living through the scenes’. The CCTD members worked hard for many weeks during and after school, and the students felt very proud after seeing what all they had achieved. “The Good Doctor brought many challenges to our theatre department this year, but that allowed us to get closer to each other and collaborate more. This show has felt like an experience shared between a big family. We had fun overall,” Holly Hough, light co-crew head said. CCTD president London Strickland agrees. “There were a lot of setbacks with construction and having to adjust to a different stage,” Strickland said. “But that only made the company stronger and we overcame the major obstacles and put on a great show.” The Good Doctor was a funny, lighthearted production done exceptionally well, and it is certainly a testament to the large amount of talent that students at Clear Creek High School have.