Pink Bow Info 2016





wildcatpinkDear Parents:


On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, Clear Creek High School will host the annual Pink Bow Classic football game. This event is open to all junior and senior CCHS students and will include an all-girl flag football game and all boy dance team. This event is a fundraiser for the Senior Class. The game will be played at the CCISD District stadium at 6:00 p.m.


All students who participate are required to pay a registration fee of $25.00 which includes a t-shirt and pre-game meal. The school requires a parent permission slip and emergency form for each participant. Also, this is a school sponsored activity; therefore all participants must meet the UIL eligibility requirements stated in the CCISD Student Handbook.


Please complete the permission slip and the emergency form and return it to school by

April 1, 2016. The first practice for seniors will be April 11th and no student will be allowed to practice without a permission slip on file in the D-100 office.


We welcome family, friends and underclassmen to watch this fun non-traditional sporting event. Tickets will be sold at the gate for $7.00 and pre-sale tickets will be sold during lunch periods the Monday and Tuesday prior to the game for $5.00. We hope to see you there as your son or daughter participates in this fun activity.







Mr. Jamey Majewski                                                    Mr. Ruperto Jaso

Principal                                                                         Assistant Principal

You may download these forms here

Return To D100:

My daughter/son, ______________________________________, has permission to participate in the Pink Bow Classic football game at Clear Creek High School. I accept full responsibility and will not hold the school accountable for any injury which might occur during the practices or the actual game. In addition, we have read the rules for the Pink Bow Classic. We agree to follow the rules and understand failure to do so may result in ejection from the event and further disciplinary action from his/her administrator.



Parent(s)/Guardian Name                                                        Parent(s)/Guardian Signature



Parent Home/Cell Number                                                        Date



Student Signature                                                                     Student Cell Number


T-Shirt Size: __________                                                          Grade: ______________

Circle the activity you wish to participate in during the event:


Flag Football Game:                           Player                                               Coach


Dance Team:                                      Dancer                                              Coach


All Clear Receipt – Junior & Seniors:


Students must be in good standing with CCHS in order to participate in the Pink Bow Classic.

Students must have the following faculty initials:


  • ALL Fines Cleared Barrios (Bookkeeper)   ____________
  • Clear on Textbooks Gunn (B–100)               ____________
  • Clear of All Library Fines       Librarian                               ____________
  • ALL D–Halls/Suspensions Cleared &

No Major Discipline Incidents             AP Secretary                         ____________


Students can only obtain clearance signatures during lunch, or after school 2:30pm.

Early Release students must wait until 2:30pm to obtain signatures.


Students must not have any suspensions of any kind the day before (April 12th), day of

(April 13th), or the day after Pink Bow Classic (April 14th). Student must be passing

by March 11th to be eligible to participate in the game.


All completed forms and participant fee must be turned in at the time of registration and no

Later than April 1st to D–100. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.