CCISD closes in response to coronavirus outbreak

Learning continues from a distance with online resources


Leah Burnam

Staff members at LaVace Stewart Elementary standing six feet apart, ready to distribute meals to students

Leah Burnam, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

In light of the recent issues and precautions taken due to the coronavirus (commonly called, COVID-19), CCISD has recently announced that all schools in the district will remain closed. This announcement comes after the district made the decision to extend spring break by one week and in a Facebook live stream, Superintendent Greg Smith announced closures through April 10, meaning absolutely no school-related activities. This means classroom instruction is currently scheduled to begin April 13. However, a meeting will be held Monday, April 6, by district leaders to reevaluate the spread of the virus to determine if a longer district closure will be needed.

“Our campuses are the hubs of the community, a place where children and adults come together to learn and grow. While I long for the resumption of those wonderful activities, I also realize that we have a moral responsibility to prevent the wider spread of the coronavirus…I recognize this is a hardship for our working families, but the health of our community is too important to resume our normal schedule,” Smith, via the live stream, said.

Like the other middle school and high school students within the district, all Creek students will also be required to check ItsLearning in order to access teacher plans for the next four weeks, as part of switching school and all lessons online. Assignments will continue as usual and will typically be submitted at the end of each week. If students have any questions regarding their classwork, they may message their teacher through ItsLearning for more information. In addition, some elementary schools, such as Lavace Stewart, will be participating in ItsLearning assignments for their students. However, the district has already announced that there may be issues with the switch to online learning as it is brand new as a result of COVID-19.

“Internet reliability across the community may be strained due to the increase number of people working from home. Clear Creek ISD is in contact with its service and software providers [during this time],” the district, on their website, said.

As a result of this change nationwide for hundreds of schools switching to online classwork, Xfinity has begun offering free WiFi for any students and families that may need it during this time. Even Adobe has started offering students free at-home access to Creative Cloud. Through their school’s IT department, students should be able to receive these apps for free via their school or at-home computers.

“We believe that doing so [offering free access to Creative Cloud] will make it possible to keep coursework, teamwork, and student progress on track through at-home access to Creative Cloud for students and educators. As our education customers work to ensure both safety and learning continuity in their communities, it is our goal to help them with the tools they need to move through these uncertain times,” Adobe, in an announcement regarding the new change, said.

In the live stream made by Smith and as mentioned before, the district has an understanding for the working families. This has led to drive through meals for students with the help of Greene, League City, McWhirter, Lavace Stewart and Whitcomb Elementary. Starting from Tuesday, March 17 throughout the weekdays from 11 am to one pm, these schools will be allowing cars to drive up to their entrance and receive a free meal for every child, 18 years and younger, that is present in the vehicle.

The district is wanting its own community, as well as surrounding communities, to remain safe and healthy throughout the next few weeks.

“While our schools are physically closed, our spirit of innovation will continue through distance learning. Our community has invested in the necessary resources to support this endeavor. I know there will be challenges along the way, but we will work through them, together,” Smith said.

If one has any more questions regarding school updates in relation to COVID-19, they can check out the CCISD website, as well as the rest of the HiLife site.