Theater’s coffee house show cancelled

Anna May, Reporter

Coffee House is Clear Creek Theatre Department’s annual Variety Show, where any students or Creek staff auditions and performs in the showcase. Auditions were on Nov. 4 and the show, was supposed to be on Nov. 13. However, due to the small numbers of auditions, the director chose to cancel the show, because not enough people signed up for time slots.  The students who auditioned and whose acts were accepted into the show were left without a performance to look forward to.

“I think the main reason why people didn’t audition is because it wasn’t advertised enough by theatre kids,” Greyson Kramm, a junior who was planning on singing a duet for Coffee House.

Songs and comedy acts were encouraged, though any acts approved by the director, Mrs. Alcala, were allowed. In order to debut the talents of Clear Creek Wildcats, students in and out of the Theatre Department were to perform before going to Texas Thespians to compete with songs, monologues, and rehearsed scenes on a state level in late November.  With theatre students creating group scenes, the department’s skills are showcased alongside non-theatre students.

“Coffee House gives Creek students and staff a chance to show off their skills on stage and allows them to get to know a variety of different people,” Allie Rea, a senior and Coffee House’s stage manager, said.

Theatre Production members and thespians, Leira Yanoc and Greyson Kramm, both juniors, were excited to perfrom a duet together. With Yanoc on guitar and Kramm on viola, the two prepared the song, Phantom In Your Mindby Harley Poe.

“I am very sad because we were so prepared for the auditions, and now Greyson and I are disappointed,” Yanoc said.

Head Director, Jennifer Alcala was organizing the show, running auditions and approving acts, as Rea advertised the show to students outside of theatre.

“The most awesome part of being stage manager is getting to know the actors and witness the process of a play being built from beginning to end on stage and behind the scenes,” Rea said.

Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of Coffee House, the students weren’t able to debut their acts to an audience. In the past years before COVID-19 required Creek to cancel shows, Coffee House brought in huge audiences. Lots of students performed stand-up, songs, group scenes, the variety shows were big hits. Students from auditions still want to perform, putting out any ideas to get another show opportunity up and running.

“Coffee House was going to be ran by theatre, not ran for theatre,” Kramm said.

The show has potential to start up again in the spring if more of the student body expresses a desire to perform in or see a variety show.