COVID-19 cases spike after holiday break

Analei Berger, Editor-In-Chief

Over the holiday break multiple students, faculty and their families tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. After the Omicron COVID-19 variant mutated in humans, it has spread all over the world. People who already had Covid in the past are getting it again and people who are vaccinated are also catching the virus. Omicron is by far the most transmissible of all of the COVID-19 variants. While symptoms of Omicron are more likely to be less severe than the previous delta variant. According to MD Anderson, they are seeing more breakthrough Covid cases with the omicron variant than past mutations.

“My friend tested positive over the break,” Jose Carreon, junior, said. “We had to cancel our trip because of the high Covid rates.”

A breakthrough case is when a person who is fully vaccinated tests positive for Covid. Even though there are breakthrough cases, the vaccine still prevents people from getting serious symptoms. Although there are multiple break through cases the vast majority of people who are hospitalized with Covid remain unvaccinated.

Lily Berger, a freshman, was one of the many people who tested positive for COVID-19 over the break, just a couple days before Christmas. Berger felt fine her first few days of having Covid; it was just common cold symptoms. But as time progressed, on day nine of having the virus she went to the ER and was diagnosed with Covid Pneumonia.

“I thought that I just had a common cold but I got tested just in case, so I was shocked when I found out I tested positive,” Berger, said.

Her symptoms lasted for over two weeks and as of the end of January, she still has a lingering cough.

According to the chief physician executive at Memorial Hermann 85 percent of Covid-19 patients that are hospitalized are not vaccinated, and those who are hospitalized with the vaccine have major underlying health conditions.

“I tested positive when I came back from break,” Aleah Cueller, sophomore, said. “I did not have any severe symptoms but just a stuffy nose and sore throat. I thought that I just had a cold due to not having severe symptoms.”

Scientists speculate that this will be one of the last major influxes of COVID-19 cases before the virus eventually fades off and becomes more like the flu.

To combat the rise of Covid cases in the United States the Biden administration has put forward a new plan. The objective is to distribute Covid tests to Americans who need them. Their website,, has a spot where one can order an at-home Covid and have it shipped to their home in seven to 14 days. The website says to preorder the tests now so they will have one when they need it.