The Mysterious Artist: Teresita Rendon

Row of artist paintbrushes closeup on artistic canvas.

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Row of artist paintbrushes closeup on artistic canvas.

Muria Khan, Journalist

There are some untold truths about the mysterious artist whose talent shines in darkness. And today, the world will know that her gift is blossoming. Teresita Rendon dreams for the adventurous path with few hidden secrets.

“I used to have a tendency to doubt my skills and appearance of my overall drawing when I look at it for a certain amount of time, but there are times, like now, that even when I look at it for a long time I feel not as confident about it,” Rendon (11) said. “But I have been trying to be positive and honest with myself and when it can look weird, I do something that I believe looks pretty good, and continue to look at that then I end up feeling good overall.”

Rendon’s inspiration for art developed when she was a little girl. Her dad, who is amazing in art, said that being there to witness his drawing skills her whole life and while working on an artwork of her own, always gave her the encouragement to grow up to be like him.

“I would say that the importance of art for me is significant since so many people who love to draw and do their own kinds of art are influenced by many past artists,” Rendon said. “My idol is Van Gogh, and I feel like if I have never seen other’s arts it would have been harder to get a reference and technique in my artworks.”

According to Rendon, she claims that her art skills aren’t naturally good, but it did take her time to develop the skills by practicing drawing a lot. She also tried to challenge her art skills by drawing from online or personal picture references and paying attention to every single detail.

“I have been drawing for about 11 years now and I usually strive to create more of either rough or a smooth texture in my art works, but a smooth texture is my favorite,” Rendon said. “I have mixed favorites of type of art, but I usually learn to do realism. I love fantasy but realistic art challenges me more and helps me try to improve as an artist and whenever I finish drawing a realistic artwork. I feel better of its appearance than if it were more fictional and fantasy.”

She has been told that an art career will not make her enough money, but this career is her dream, and regardless of anything she says she will achieve it.

“Truthfully speaking, I really don’t think my artwork stands out,” Rendon said. “I have been influenced by many artists, including my dad, that I feel my artwork resembles their artwork.”

It takes her three to four hours to create a new piece of artwork. She uses emphasis quite a bit to try to center on a person or thing, and sometimes movement. She also prefers drawing on paper because it makes it more comfortable, rather than digital.

“I feel art has an impact on the world by helping people, who are hard to understand, to be able to express themselves,” Rendon said. “Art has the ability to help see someone’s viewpoint of a subject that can be controversial or difficult and show people what it is the artist wants to help change or say about anything happening in the world. Since many people have been influenced by many others’ art, it gives people around the world a chance to be able to say something without actually saying something.”

She believes that being talented with art is just being able to pick up the hobby. Practicing art could mean that it takes a while to create an artwork that looks good enough for people to see. She, herself took an art class outside of school for a year, just to learn more techniques and skills.

“I personally am somewhat of a perfectionist in my drawings so every time I draw, I see something incorrect, and I immediately try to perfect it as best as I can to make something come out realistically or as close to the reference photo,” Rendon said.

To Rendon, the meaning of art is to be able to express oneself with any kind of emotion held within, and for a person to be able to let out these feelings or thoughts they want to show. Art has very high value in her life since it’s what’s she loves to do the most and helps her express her feelings and been a part of her since she was little.

“I feel empowered and incline by others artwork plus it gives me the chance to create an amazing art of my own,” Rendon Said. “I think when I do art competitions it gives me the motivation to keep on going forward.”

She has won a few competitions for her art which included awards like ribbons and placements for first, second, and third, and she has received a silver ribbon for one of her paintings. She thinks that competitions are really not necessary, but it gives a good feeling and appreciation to talented artists to improve on artworks and to have fun.

“Art has taught me and shown me how life was back then, whether it was depressing and difficult or full of joy and satisfaction and that it is all how a person feels how life is going at the moment,” Rendon said.

Art has helped her to try to be a more patient person and be able to reason with people better. According to Rendon, she has improved in her art style, like things begin looking more realistic with more detail and even texture has become more smooth and less bumpy or rough as she used in the past.

“Like most artists in the past, I used to want recognition for the artworks but now it’s just appreciation that I hope from people when they notice my drawings and to hopefully get some kind of an art career since I love art and hope to be in this field,” Rendon said.

Art brings motivation and hope and inspiration for her to look up to other people and strive to get better in her drawing abilities. When she draws, she imagines it ending up looking realistic and that is her goal even though sometimes it is difficult.

“Normally, I don’t have a message in my art, but I have been striving lately to give a message with meaning, a meaning with positivity whether it is just implying positivity or trying to give a positive message about a certain subject,” Rendon said.

Art is unique in Rendon’s life because she believes individuals that have distinct views on certain issues can be challenging to illustrate, tough art helps to create a way for people to easily express their feelings with any kind of creativity.