Creating another world, one poem at a time

Many people are passionate about writing poetry, which is slowly getting more popular with time moving forward, more people going to the bookstore to buy books of many genres, love, anger, tragedy, and mystery. There is a question that could circulate in one’s mind, which is ‘does it take a certain mindset to get into poetry?’

Karla Villatoro (10TH) will help those curious, get their questions answered as short as a simple feature story.

‘‘Anyone can write poetry, though it does take a creative mind to understand poetry in itself, there are many and various steps that go into poetry. You’d have to sit down and tear down each word and sentence because there is more and more that goes into the simple stanzas than your mind can think of in a simple minute, ’’ Villatoro said.

Minds that go into poetry are passionate ones, and Villatoro proved that with each one of her responses. Her mind is one filled with pictures and words derived from anything and everything a person could set their mind to. Her mind that can understand and see the beauty in poetry. Which is why we are getting more knowledge with her in this interview.

‘‘I like writing in general, it expresses a lot of emotion, small bursts of emotions, unfound emotions, and some emotions we may be so familiar with but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was until we read or wrote it down on paper, ’’ Villatoro said.

According to Villatoro, she is passionate about poetry, and she expresses it almost as if she could see the words running around in her own mind.  Poetry affected her and her mindset, and how she adapted into writing at a young age.

“Poetry has affected my mindset in the way of giving me more feeling of the intense emotions staying grounded, as before when I felt these emotions, they were running wild, here and there, and I didn’t know how to control it so it made me have some bad days,” Villatoro said.  “Until I started writing, which helped so much.”

A handful of people have expressed how poetry helps them and their mindset to control it and keep it organized, in order.

For some it helps with something hard they went through as a kid, and for others, it is just a gateway to express emotions, and some, they just simply get into it and decide to pursue it. For Villatoro, it was a way for her to prove herself capable and her teacher, as she was doubted by that teacher at a young age.

‘‘When I started writing as a kid, this one teacher said I couldn’t read therefore I wouldn’t ever be able to write well at the fact that I have dyslexia,’’ Villatoro said.

“But I ended up writing because I knew I would be capable of that and I wanted to challenge myself and I ended up liking to write, and I do it till this day,’’ Villatoro said.

Karla Villatoro grew up writing poetry, and still enjoys writing and reading poetry to this day.