Wrestling; an inspirational sport

Juan Camacho, Journalist

He is ready, mentally, and physically he is ready to go in there and do his thing, He’s trained hard for this moment. Blood, sweat, and tears took him to where he is now. He goes in and gets prepped up for his wrestling match. He starts meditating and relaxing as he looks up at the ceiling. Soon afterwards he gets his name called up to go to the ring and the battle is on.

“I feel like I am better and more improved every time I practice because it’s something I like doing to improve and progress,” Michael Powell(sophomore) said.

For Powell, this helps him get better by doing those practices and drills, as he quoted. usually, it depends on the person, because some people can either be fast learners in wrestling or slow learners.

“Wrestling is very inspirational to me because it helps me improve and it puts me to work,” Powell said.

Wrestling can be very inspirational to the players because it shows how much of a hard work and grueling the sport it is. Some people say that wrestling is one of the hardest sports out there, because wrestlers use almost their entire body which takes a lot of energy. Just ask a wrestler and they will tell you how much energy is drained from them each time they are in the ring.

“When I win it always makes me feel proud of myself, and it always makes me proud of how much I’ve accomplished from all the hard work,” Powell said.

When it comes to getting your hand raised in wrestling it can make a wrestler feel happier and accomplished, it is a very satisfying feeling to know that they are able to work hard and to be able to prove people wrong by it.

“To be at my best I do the takedown drills and single leg drills because it helps when it comes to an actual match because at that point it’ll be muscle memory,” Powell said.

Muscle memory is important when it comes to combat sports it is said that muscle memory is key when wrestling or any other combat sport is involved because some athletic fighters go out there and then forget everything they learned. It’s just something to get used to when doing a combat sport.


“Wrestling benefits me because it can keep me in shape, and it keeps me athletic,” Preston McCartney(9th) said.

For combat sports like these, one must work hard to give a hundred percent best in a match because if an athlete is sloppy in any sport, it’s not going to look well on anyone. For example, some boxers have strict diets and must eat certain proportions of food and for wrestler’s they sometimes even starve because they aren’t at weight.

“Wrestling physically helps me because it allows me to be proud of how I look,” McCartney said.

Again, when doing combat sports, it gives someone the opportunity to decide if they want physical shape to look good, but that’s only if that athlete wants to.

“I like the people you meet around the whole district,” McCartney said.

For high school wrestling, Wrestlers get to meet different people from different schools and districts, and they can learn a lot from their opponents, for some people if they’re that much of a good sport for their opponent, they can talk more and more by time during the tournament, and possibly even become friends.

“I find entertaining to watch because you can see someone get slammed,” McCartney said.

Indeed, when it comes to watching wrestling people can end up seeing someone go six feet up in the air and get thrown back to the ground. There are all kinds of slams in wrestling, the most famous one though has to be the mat return, when they pick them up from behind and throw them back with full force with them going feet up in the air to get ready to hit the mat hard.

“I do the takedown drills and single leg drills because it helps when it comes by an actual match,” McCartney said.

The reason why wrestlers always warm up with their team is because they must get warmed up to get ready for their matches to begin with, for example when warming up there is different workouts each wrestler does depending on how their team does it like cartwheels, roundoffs, front rolls, back rolls, etc. Soon then the takedown drills come around to practice the move they want to perform once they go up.

“My goals are that I want to continue in college,” McCartney said.

For wrestlers there’s a tight chance for them to get a scholarship for wrestling because it’s hard for wrestlers because of the low hype they have, even though it’s very entertaining, it doesn’t have as much popularity as other sports and it makes it harder for high schoolers to get a scholarship, but there’s always a chance.